Best answer: How do I add a photo to my life event on Facebook?

How do I add a life event to my Facebook?

Go to your Facebook profile page.

  1. Above where it says “What’s on your mind,” on the right, click “Life Event.” …
  2. Choose the most fitting category, or select “Create Your Own.” …
  3. Fill in the information as desired: Title, date, description, location, and any photos you may want to add or people you may want to tag.

How do I turn a post into a life event?

To add a life event, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Life Event section in the Share box. …
  2. Select the event you want to create from the menu. …
  3. Fill out the details you want to share. …
  4. Add a photo to illustrate the event. …
  5. Use the Privacy menu to choose who can see this event in your Timeline. …
  6. Click Save.

Can you add a photo album to a Facebook event?

Use your Facebook Page for albums.

Then, create a full photo album of the event on your company’s Facebook page. In the event summary on your website, post a link to the photo album on your company’s Facebook page.

How do you add a flyer to a Facebook event?

Adding an Attachment to a Facebook Event

  1. Log into your Facebook page.
  2. Click the “Events” link, scroll to the event to add the attachment to, and click its title.
  3. Click the “Post Photos/Videos” link.
  4. Click the “Browse” button and browse to the item to attach. …
  5. Click the “Post” button.
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Do life events show up in newsfeed?

And previously, Life Events only appeared in your newsfeed. … Now, Facebook will ping you with notifications about certain Life Events regardless of if the person shows up regularly in your newsfeed. That means you won’t miss out on any big moments — and no one will miss out on your big moments, either.

How do you make a post move on Facebook?

How to Change Where I Live on Facebook

  1. Navigate to your Facebook timeline.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Enter your new location in the Current City field.
  4. Click the Audience Selector icon.
  5. Click Save to save the new city.

How do I post a promotion on Facebook?

The process is straightforward:

  1. Click Edit Profile > then go to the Education and Work section.
  2. Begin typing the name of your fan page in the Employer field.
  3. If you see your fan page in the dropdown menu, select it.
  4. Then fill out the remaining fields (Position, City/Town, Description and Time Period). …
  5. Click Add Job.

Why can’t I edit my Facebook event?

If you need to edit something that can’t be changed, you’ll need to cancel your event and make it again.

What size are Facebook event photos?

The current Facebook event photo size guidelines are:

Recommended size: 1920 x 1005 pixels (16:9 ratio) Minimum dimensions: 470 × 174.