Can I put a drum cover on YouTube?

Most drum covers published today on YouTube feature full-fledged pro audio recordings of the drums. … Now, I won’t go into detail about how to record drums here, but the process is pretty straightforward if you understand audio recording: Record video and audio at the same time.

Can I post drum covers on YouTube?

When someone records and releases a song, you are free to do your own cover version of that song by obtaining a mechanical or “compulsory” license. … Therefore, you need a synch license as well as a mechanical license to legally publish a cover song on YouTube (unless the song has fallen into public domain).

Can Drums be copyrighted?

Drum loops, drum beats and drum patterns are not copyrighted because they aren’t technically considered songwriting. Copyright law states that only a piece of music’s lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm can be copyrighted.

Are covers legal?

There are rules about cover versions […] The system is called compulsory licensing. … Anyone can cover anyone else’s song, and its creator cannot say no (that’s the compulsory part). But if you do cover a song, you must pay a royalty to the song’s creator (that’s the licensing part).

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How can I legally Post cover songs on YouTube?

You can obtain a mechanical license through the Harry Fox Agency. The mechanical license only covers the audio portion of your YouTube cover. To post video along with the song, you’ll need a synchronization license, also called a “sync” license. You must negotiate a sync license with the copyright holder.

Are drum kits royalty free?

well, they cost you nothing, you’ve got no royalties to pay on usage, and you can use them for any non-commercial projects. That’s pretty free enough for most people.

Are drum breaks royalty free?

Because they’re royalty-free, you’re welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like – all we ask is that you don’t re-distribute them. The drum break samples are supplied in a zip file, so you’ll need to extract them before you can see them.

How do you know if a beat is copyrighted?


  1. Know if the music is before or after 1923. If it is earlier, it is public domain music and is not copyrighted. …
  2. Know if it is under the public domain. To do this you should go to the PDinfo portal and check it. …
  3. Search on YouTube. Use the platform’s search engine to search for your song and check the comments.

Can you make money on YouTube doing covers?

Ads pay content creators — that includes the creators of cover songs — based on what’s called CPM, which is cost per 1,000 views. … YouTube pays the music publisher and original songwriter, and the cover artists get a little money. They also get to make names for themselves while riding the popularity wave of hit songs.

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Can you earn money doing covers on YouTube?

Creators participating in the YouTube Partner Program can share revenue from eligible cover song videos on YouTube, once music publisher owners claim those videos. You’ll be paid revenue for these videos on a pro rata basis.

How can I get music without drums?

External links open in a new window. Free Drumless Tracks – (some free, some you have to pay for). Drumless Split Songs – (some free examples). YouTube – just search for ‘drumless’ or ‘minus drums’ along with the name of the song, band or genre you’re looking for.