Can I still log into MySpace?

Is there a way to find your old Myspace?

On a mobile device, click on the drop-down menu on the top left and click your profile name under “You.” 3. On the “Mixes” page, click on “Classic — My Photos” and relive all of your former glory.

Is Myspace still active?

Myspace is still active as of today, but not anymore a go-to platform for social media users. It was once the king of social media networks especially from 2005 to 2008, where it serves over 100 million users on a monthly basis.

How can I log back into my Myspace account?

If you forgot the email address you used to sign up with Myspace, you can use your Username to log into your account. You will be required to enter your password. If you don’t remember your password, try Forgot Password. This will send an email to the email address we have on file for the Username you entered.

When did MySpace shut down?

In May 2009, Facebook surpassed Myspace in its number of unique U.S. visitors. Since then, the number of Myspace users has declined steadily despite several redesigns. By 2019, monthly visitors had dropped to 7 million.


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2017 screenshot of the Myspace website
Launched August 1, 2003
Current status Active

Why did MySpace shut down?

Why did MySpace fail and shut down? … Since MySpace revenue source was ads serving, it was pressured by investors and partners into taking an aggressive ad publishing strategy, which made their pages even less attractive to users.

How can I log into my old MySpace account without email and password?

I Can’t Remember the Email Address I Used for MySpace

  1. Go to the MySpace “Forgot Login” page in your Web browser (see link in Resources).
  2. Click to select the “MySpace URL” radio button in the top half of the form. …
  3. Type the letters and numbers from the security CAPTCHA code in the applicable field.

Can you search MySpace by email?

You can search for users by display name, e-mail address, or school, to name a few. … You can search by Name, Display Name, or E-mail Address. Classmate Finder searches MySpace by School Name, Country, and State/Province.

Is MySpace Dead 2020?

If you go to, you’ll see that it is very much still alive, though it has mostly transitioned away from social networking to become a curated music and entertainment site. As of 2019, the site boasted over 7 million monthly visits.

How can I get my old Myspace pictures?

As long as your profile is synced to your classic Myspace account, your photo albums were already transferred. You can find old Myspace photos under the Mixes section of your profile. Each album equals a mix. Click on each “Mix” to edit and see more images.

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Does Myspace have an app 2020?

We no longer support the Android and iPhone app. Please check out our mobile web version of the site.