Can I upload two YouTube videos at once?

Can You Upload More Than One Video at a Time on YouTube? … Put simply, yes, you can upload multiple videos at a time on YouTube. With this said, you will not need to wait for each video to process before the next video starts uploading.

Is it bad to upload multiple videos to YouTube at once?

YouTube isn’t Dropbox. One of the reasons marketing folks might upload multiple videos all at once is they have not designated a specific release time for the videos. And they feel that since people can watch videos at any time, uploading all at once is just as good as on a schedule.

How many YouTube videos can you upload at once?

Note: You can upload up to 15 videos at a time. Be sure to click Edit on each file to edit your video details.

Is uploading daily on YouTube bad?

In general, every YouTuber should try uploading daily, but only for a short time period to avoid burning out. If you’re brand new to YouTube, spending a month uploading daily can have major benefits in the long-term growth of your channel.

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What is the best day to post a YouTube video?

They have found that the highest level of engagement on YouTube occurs on Friday through Saturday and Wednesday. On most days, the best time to post is at 5 pm, although you are still likely to succeed with any video posted before 9 pm.

Should I post daily on YouTube?

Logically, the best growth strategy is to release the largest amount of content possible. Because more content means that you have more chance to get discovered, and more chance to grow fast. So, the best growing strategy is to upload daily.

What is the longest video in YouTube?

The current record holder for the longest video on YouTube is titled, “THE LONGEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE – 596 HOURS” by Jonathan Harchick of Moldy Toaster Media. The video was uploaded in 2012.

Why is the YouTube limit 15 minutes?

By default, YouTube allows video uploads that are up to 15 minutes long. If you try to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, the upload will fail. This is a YouTube limitation rather than a Brightcove limitation. YouTube will then confirm when your YouTube account has been activated for longer uploads.

Why is there a daily upload limit on YouTube?

“Daily upload limit reached. You can upload more videos in 24 hours.” To ensure safety at YouTube, we limit how many videos a channel can upload in a 24-hour period. … Community Guidelines strikes will affect how much you can upload.

How do you put multiple videos into one?

How to merge videos on your smartphone

  1. Open the app and select the video option. …
  2. Pick the videos you want to combine from your library. …
  3. Trim and cut your clips to polish the video. …
  4. Add a transition effect between video clips. …
  5. Insert text and add stickers. …
  6. Color correct your clips. …
  7. Save your video.
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How can I upload more than 15 videos on YouTube?

Upload videos longer than 15 minutes

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app.
  2. Tap Create Upload a video.
  3. Select a video longer than 15 minutes.
  4. Choose your video’s title, description, and settings, then tap NEXT.
  5. Follow the steps to verify your Google Account.