Can you report Facebook group admins?

If you believe a post from a group member isn’t following your group’s standards, you can report it to the admins of the Facebook group. Tap in the top right of Facebook, then scroll down to Groups and select your group. … Tap Report to admin. The group admin(s) will receive a notification that there’s a post to review.

Can I Report a Facebook admin?

Go to the post you want to report. Click in the top right of the post. Select Report post to group admins to report the post to an admin or select Find support or report post to send the report to Facebook.

Is reporting to group admin anonymous Facebook?

If you report a group to Facebook, the admins won’t know who reported it. However, if you report anything to the group admins themselves, they’ll be able to see your profile and who made the report.

Can Facebook group admins remove other admins?

How do I remove an admin or moderator role from someone in my Facebook group? Only an admin can remove an admin or moderator role from a group member.

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What happens if you report a group on Facebook?

When a group is reported to Facebook, we review content in the group that might go against our Facebook Community Standards. After reporting a group to Facebook, we’ll send a message to your Support Inbox about whether or not the group was removed. …

How do I shut down a group on Facebook?

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Gear button on the right side of the Group’s Home page, and then select the Report Group link. You see a form like this. Fill out the report by choosing a reason for the report and include a comment that explains why you feel the Group should be removed. Click Submit.

Can Group Admin see who reported a post?

No. All the group admins will see is a notification of what was removed. They won’t be able to tell whether it was discovered by the AI or reported by a person, let alone who the person was.

How do I report an illegal group on Facebook?

Head to the offending Group and click on the three dots. You don’t need to be a member to see them. From the dropdown, select Report Group. Select the reason you’re reporting the Group and click Continue.

Can Admin see who left a group?

There isn’t a notifier or a list that allows group admins to see who left a Facebook group, only to see who is still a member.

Can a moderator delete an admin?

However, Moderators cannot assign the admin or moderator role to other members. Note: An admin can remove other admins and moderators. So be careful who appoint as another admin. … If you want to remove them from an Admin or a Moderator role, select Remove Admin/Moderator from the same menu.

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Do people get notified when removed as admin?

Originally Answered: If I remove someone as admin from a facebook page, will they get a notification that they have got removed ? No, they don’t get any notifications. Facebook show notifications based on their admin access. If you remove some one from your page admin they don’t get any notifications.

What happens if the only admin leaves a Facebook group?

Membership and content can be controlled by a group admin, allowing for a more focused discussion. But if the only admin leaves the group, no one’s left in charge. The group will remain on Facebook until all members leave, at which point the group dissolves.