Do Facebook polls expire?

By default your poll will expire in 1 Week but you can modify this. To change when your poll expires, click the 1 week drop-down. Then select one of the options. If you do not want the poll to expire, select Never.

How long do polls last on Facebook?

The default time length of Facebook Polls is 1 week. If 1 week is enough time for your Poll, you can leave it at 1 week. If you want to provide your audience more time to answer your Poll question, choose from the other options. Your options for time length include 1 day, 1 week, Never, and Custom.

How do polls work on Facebook?

Facebook Messenger Polls

  1. Step 1: Open a Group Chat or Create a New One.
  2. Step 2: Tap the “+” at the Bottom of the Messenger Window Next to the Text Box. This will pop open another window.
  3. Step 3: Select the Facebook Poll Icon and Type in Your Question.
  4. Step 4: Add Your Options and Tap “Create a Poll”

Can you still do Facebook polls?

Facebook polls are a great way to make plans with friends, settle a friendly debate, or ask your customers what they’d like to see from your business. Making a Facebook poll on your page takes only a minute or two; if you can manage to make regular Facebook posts, you’ll have Facebook polling mastered in no time.

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Do Facebook Polls show who voted for what?

After a poll ends, anyone who clicks on the poll itself will see the results (and will no longer be able to vote.) As the page admin, you are able to view who voted for each option by clicking on the numbers of votes.

How do I remove a poll from my Facebook poll?

How to delete poll in Messenger using android? Well, You cannot delete the Facebook Messenger poll. You can’t hide it either. If you want to delete the poll, you have to clear the entire Messenger group chat.

What is FB Poll?

A Facebook poll is what you would probably expect it to be – a poll that has been created on Facebook. They can be created on personal walls, on pages, in groups, and in messages. … The poll results are then tallied as members vote, and members are able to vote more than once if you allow them to do so.

Can you see old poll results on Instagram?

Instagram explained: To see your own poll results, swipe up to open the viewers list for that part of your story. There you’ll see everything you need to get the best answer for your question. Not only will you see how many votes each option received, but you’ll also see who voted and what option they chose.

How do you post a poll on Facebook Timeline?

How to Create a Poll on Facebook Timeline (Android)

  1. Open the Facebook App on your Android device.
  2. Click on What’s on your mind.
  3. Scroll down and click on Poll.
  4. Fill in details like (Ask a question or Name of poll, Include options or Names of contestants)
  5. Set poll Expiration time.
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Why am I not allowed to create a poll on messenger?

Once you’re on Facebook Messenger, you need to create a group chat. This is because you can only create a poll in a group chat. You won’t be able to create a poll in a private chat. If you’re already in a group chat and you want to create a poll in it, you can open it.

How do I create a Facebook poll with more than 2 options?

Facebook also lets you create polls with more than two options as answers. To do so, write “poll” in the search bar and click the following option: Click “get started now”.

The last update on Facebook introduced new possibilities when it comes to creating polls:

  1. With texts.
  2. With photos.
  3. With GIFs.