Frequent question: How do I extract Facebook comments?

Is there a way to export Facebook comments?

In fact, you can now export more than 2,000 comments from Facebook in Suite. What’s more, it is also possible to export replies to comments! … Simply have a look at the Comments section in the Facebook post detail in Analytics and click on the Export button at the top of the page to generate your . xls export.

How do I copy all comments from a Facebook post?

Type or paste into the address bar, and press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return on your keyboard. Find the post you want to copy. You can copy any post from your own Timeline, News Feed, a group, page, or another user’s profile. You don’t need to be signed in to open or copy a post.

How do I extract a Facebook post?

How Do I Export Facebook Posts?

  1. Click “Settings.” Image Credit: Image courtesy of Facebook. …
  2. Click the “Download a Copy” link. Image Credit: Image courtesy of Facebook. …
  3. Select “Start My Archive.” Image Credit: Image courtesy of Facebook. …
  4. Click “Start My Archive.” Image Credit: Image courtesy of Facebook.
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How do I import Facebook comments and reactions?

Use the Comment/Reaction Importer to import a Facebook Post’s Comments and Reactions into a ShortStack list. The importer can grab the Facebook User ID number, name as it appears on Facebook, and the content of comment (including photo) of every user who comments or reacts.

How do I print a Facebook comment thread?

Click on “Comments at the bottom”. This will open the post with all its comments in a separate window or tab. Minimize the comments. Now press Ctrl+P to open the print properties.

How do I save a video from Facebook comments?

Save, or “bookmark,” a video on Facebook for later

  1. Find a video that you want to save for later.
  2. Click or tap the three dots at the top right of the post.
  3. Click or tap “Save video.”

How do you select all comments on Facebook?

To change the order of comments, click the current comment ordering option in the bottom left of the post (example: Newest, All Comments, Most Relevant), and then select a new option: Newest to show all comments, with the newest comments first.

How do you see all comments on a Facebook post?

First open your timeline view, and there’s a link to access the Activity log. From the Activity log, select “Comments”, and you’ll get a chronological list of all your comments.

How can I download all posts from a Facebook group?

Go to Settings→General, there you will see the link Download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom. Just click on the Link→Start→My archive→enter your Facebook password→Submit. In the confirmation message, click on Start my archive.

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Can you scrape Facebook posts?

Getting data with the Facebook API

You will be able to scrape any publicly available information from any page, without running up against Facebook’s limits. … Update: in 2021, Facebook changed the rules so that you need to use residential proxies if you want to scrape Facebook posts.