Frequent question: How do you cancel an upload on Instagram?

Tap on the ‘3-dot’ icon beside it. You will now be shown a small dialog box with 3 options that will decide how you want to deal with the interrupted upload. Tap on ‘Discard post’ to cancel the upload. Your ongoing upload to Instagram should now be canceled.

What to do when Instagram is stuck uploading?

How to Solve Instagram Stuck Uploading Video

  1. restarting Instagram.
  2. clearing the app’s cache.
  3. updating the Instagram app.
  4. restarting your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How do I stop a pending post on Instagram?

How to Cancel Instagram Upload

  1. #1 Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode.
  2. #2 Restart Your Phone to Cancel Instagram Upload.
  3. #3 Clear App Storage.
  4. #4 Force Stop App (for Android)
  5. Schedule Your Posts via AiSchedul.

Why is my Instagram post still sending?

Change Instagram Data Setting

If your Instagram post is stuck on sending, it might be an issue that the data limit is set too low. … In the Instagram app, go to “Profile”. go to “Settings” and tap “Account”. Scroll down until you find the “Mobile/Cellular Data Usage”.

How do you remove video cant be posted on Instagram?

To solve this problem, try uninstalling and reinstalling the App on your phone. Go to Settings> Apps> Instagram> Uninstall to remove the application from your device. After that, go to the Google Play Store or the app store to download and install the latest version of Instagram on your phone.

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Why is my Instagram story taking forever to upload?

Most of the times, the issue is due to a poor internet connection. To resolve it, you should switch to a different network. That is, if you are currently using Wi-Fi, turn it off and use the Instagram app on mobile data and vice versa.

Why is message not sending on Instagram?

If an Instagram direct message cannot be sent to a particular friend, then the chances are that they have blocked your account. To know if they have blocked you, go to their page, and none of their posts will be displayed. For Instagram privacy matters, some users prefer to receive messages only from followers.