Frequent question: How do you sort tweets by likes?

Click on the button which say’s “Sort tweets by…” and Select “Favourites (high to low)”. This method works for any public Twitter profile for up to 3200 tweets. Using it will make it easier to find most liked tweets.

How do I filter tweets with likes?

Twitter – How to search within a Twitter user’s likes

  1. “Add Column” button.
  2. “Likes” option.
  3. You can select your own user or another one you want. Press “Add Column” button to confirm.
  4. Once you have added the column there are options to filter tweets, such as search terms among others.

How do I sort my tweets by oldest likes?

First, visit Twitter’s advanced search page. This will open as a pop-over window on the web based version of Twitter. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the pop over window and you will see the options to add a date range to your search. You can add a range of dates, or just one specific date.

Can you search liked tweets?

1. To search your twitter likes or favorites, open your twitter account and go to the profile section on the left side of your screen. 2. Once you are on your twitter profile section, find the liked tab under your profile picture.

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How do you sort tweets by date?

Login to your Twitter account, and go to Twitter’s advanced search page.

  1. Under the “People” subheading, enter your username (with no “@”) into the “From these accounts” field:
  2. Under “Dates,” select start and end dates for your search:
  3. Click “Search,” and Twitter should return a list of top tweets from that period:

Are Twitter likes in chronological order?

A likes timeline displays the most recently liked Tweets, ordered from newest to oldest, from a specific public Twitter account.

How do you see people’s old tweets?

Open the Twitter app and log-in your account. Click the “Search” button in the bottom section of the page and type “from: [username]” to find your old tweets. If you are searching for the old tweets of another user, type “from:” and the user’s username, remember, you no longer need to use “@” in searching.

How do you search someone’s likes?

How to Look Up Someone Else’s Likes on Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and type the name of the friend whose likes you want to see in the search box at the top. …
  2. Click “More” and then “Likes” to view content liked by the user. …
  3. Click “More” and choose another option from the drop-down list to see likes in that category.

Do Twitter likes expire?

Tweets Can Be Ephemeral, but Your Likes Are Forever. Services such as TweetDelete and Tweet Archive Eraser can wipe out old tweets and retweets, but they can’t reach all of your Likes.

How do you scroll to the bottom of likes on Twitter?

The one at the far right is called ‘likes. ‘ Click on that tab to view everything. 3) Scroll through your list of likes. The most recent one is at the top and you can scroll all the way back to the ones that you favorited when you first started using Twitter.

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How do I find tweets from a specific person?

Till now, users could search for a specific tweet from a specific user by typing “from:(Twitter handle) (search term” in the Twitter search box. Micro-blogging platform Twitter has added a new search button within users’ profile that makes it easier to search for specific tweet on a specific profile.