How do I hide someone’s reaction on Facebook?

Can you hide someones reaction on Facebook?

You can’t hide reaction counts on individual posts. People will still see the total number of reactions on posts that you create from other places like groups, Marketplace, Events, Pages and Stories. You’ll still be able to see the total number of reactions on your own posts.

How do I hide other peoples Likes on Facebook?

4. To hide Likes and other reactions on posts from other accounts, tap the toggle for ‘On posts from others. ‘ To hide Likes and reactions on your own posts, so other users can’t see them, tap the toggle for ‘On your posts. ‘

How do I hide my likes and comments on Facebook profile picture?

To disable likes and comments on your Facebook profile picture, you need to uncheck the “Share your update to News Feed” option before changing it. What is this? If you already changed it, you need to change your post’s privacy settings from “Public” to “Only Me”.

Can I control who sees my likes on Facebook?

Log in to, go to your profile, and select More > Likes. Click the three-dot menu and select Edit the Privacy of Your Likes. Select a Page Category. In the Select Audience box, choose the level of privacy you want for the category’s like visibility.

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