How do I post more than 40 photos on Facebook?

Click Photos. Click Albums and select the album you’d like to add to. Click + Add to album, then click Upload Photos or Videos. Choose photos or videos to add, then click Open.

Can you upload more than 40 photos on Facebook?

The best way to post a large number of photos to Facebook is to create a photo album, upload multiple photos to that album, and then publish the album cover image in the status update. Friends who click on the album link are taken to the photos. … Select the large plus sign to add more photos to the album.

How do I post more than 40 photos on Facebook from my iPhone?

To upload photos within the Facebook app:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap What’s on Your Mind next to your Profile Picture at the top. The same way you would if updating your status.
  3. Select the green Camera icon that says Photo/Video.
  4. Tap to select all of the photos you want to upload.
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What is the maximum amount of pictures you can post on Facebook?

Note: You can upload up to 1000 photos to an album.

Why can’t I add more photos to my Facebook post?

If you’re having trouble adding or posting photos, try these troubleshooting tips: Make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi or network connection. Try uploading the original photo instead of an edited version. … If you’ve been warned for posting abusive content, you may be temporarily blockedfrom uploading photos.

How many photos can I upload to Facebook in one post 2021?

4 Answers. When you actually post on facebook, you can only upload one photo or video.

How do I add photos to an existing post on Facebook 2021?

To do that, go to the post on your Facebook timeline with the picture you want to change. In the top-right corner of the post, tap the downward-pointing arrow icon and choose Edit Post from the menu. … Once you have confirmed that this is the correct image, tap the Save button to update the post with the new picture.

How do I post a large picture on Facebook?


  1. Resize your image to 2048px on its longest edge.
  2. Use the “Save for Web” function, and select 70% JPEG quality.
  3. Make sure the file is converted to the sRGB colour profile.
  4. Upload it to Facebook, and make sure you tick “high quality” if you are given the option (usually only for uploading albums).

Does Facebook have unlimited photo storage?

Facebook Moments app now offers unlimited full-resolution photo storage. Facebook has updated its Moments photo-sharing app with a trio of new features including “joinable moments” aimed at helping you connect with non-users, and a new tab that lets you save an unlimited amount of images.

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How can I add photos to Facebook without posting them?

Open in any web browser and sign into your account. Click the Photo/Video button under the What’s on your mind status bar. Select the photo, or photos, you wish to upload. Click the Audience dropdown (the one with the globe to the left of it) under your name and change it to Only me .

How do I add photos to Facebook?

To share photos on Facebook:

  1. At the top of your News Feed, tap Photo.
  2. Tap Camera to take a photo, or tap Browse to select photos from your phone.
  3. Tap Post.
  4. To choose your audience, tap the audience selector below your name.
  5. Tap Post.