How do you make a Facebook post bold?

How do I add formatting to a Facebook post?

Select a group to post to or click your name to post to your timeline. Create a post and highlight the text you want to format. From the menu that appears above the highlighted text, you can insert embedded links or use bold, italic or strikethrough on your text by clicking on the desired option.

Is there a way to make text bold?

In Word, you can make your text bold in three ways: use the Bold button on the Mini toolbar, use the Bold button on the Home tab, or use the keyboard shortcut.

How do you change the font on a Facebook post?

You can change the font of your Facebook posts or messages using the LingoJam text generator. To use the LingoJam text generator, simply type your message into the platform’s font generator, select the style of font, and then copy and paste it into your Facebook post or message.

How do you make bullet points on Facebook posts?

Can You Add Bullet Points to a Facebook Post?

  1. Click Groups in your Facebook News Feed and select your group.
  2. Click on the post composer and hover on the paragraph icon.
  3. Select the words that you would like to format.
  4. Click on the bulleted list option.
  5. Click Post.
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How do you make letters bold on keyboard?

Bold text: Ctrl + B — “B” is for “bold.” This shortcut works for new text you type after using it, or you can highlight existing text and then bold it via the shortcut.

Which is the correct option to make all paragraphs bold?

Element is the HTML code for bold. It does not indicate importance of the selected text but provides a visual effect. There are two options to style information with bold in HTML: makes HTML bold text and mark it as important.

How do I change the font style on Facebook Lite?

Even more importantly, it lets you change the font size for the app. For that, tap on the three-bar icon at the top and go to Settings. Tap on Font size under Account settings. Select the font size of your choice.

How do you change the font style?

Changing Built-In Font Settings

  1. In the “Settings” menu, scroll down and tap the “Display” option.
  2. The “Display” menu may vary depending on your Android device. …
  3. In the “Font Size and Style” menu, tap the “Font Style” button.
  4. You’ll have a list of pre-installed font styles available for you to choose from.

What font are Facebook posts?

Helvetica has been Facebook’s font of choice for a long time, but some keen-eyed users noticed a slight change while browsing their news feeds Friday. Facebook is testing out a new, thinner font for some desktop users, and it’s called Geneva.