Is birthday visible on twitter?

You can control who on Twitter can see your birth date on your profile by using your birth date visibility settings. … You will see two visibility settings, one to control visibility for your birth date year and the other to control visibility for your birth date month and day.

Does your birthday show on Twitter?

How does Twitter use my birth date? If you choose to add your birth date to your profile, it will be displayed to the audience that you’ve chosen. Your birth date lets Twitter know that you’re old enough to use our services. It will also be used to customize your Twitter experience.

Can anyone see your history on Twitter?

Account history: If you are logged in, you will also be able to see your login history, as well as the places you’ve been while using Twitter. … You can also view any Twitter advertisers who have included your account or current device in their tailored audiences.

For what age is Twitter?

15 years (March 21, 2006)
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