Question: What happened to YouTube shorts?

Why are there no shorts on YouTube?

YouTube Shorts is a mobile-only feature due to its short video content and vertical aspect ratio. So it’s not available on the YouTube web, but you can still upload Shorts videos from your PC and the process is similar to uploading a regular video. … So make sure that your Shorts video is less than 60 seconds.

Where did YouTube Shorts go?

To use it, just open up the YouTube app you already have on your smartphone. Scroll down slightly, and you’ll see a “Shorts” section. You’ll also notice that a “Shorts” button has replaced the “Explore” tab at the bottom of the screen, alongside “Home,” “Subscriptions,” “Library,” and the create button.

Do YouTube Shorts disappear?

YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s short-form answer to TikTok. You can scroll through algorithmically-driven feed, subscribe to your favorite creators, and discover other similar short videos… … Unlick Stories, YouTube Shorts won’t disappear but will remain on your channel.

How do I enable YouTube Shorts?

How to make YouTube Shorts

  1. Tap the “Create” button at the bottom of your YouTube app. …
  2. Select “Create a Short.” …
  3. Tapping on the number above record allows you to change your recording time from 15 to 60 seconds. …
  4. Tapping the “Record” button starts and stops your recording.
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How do I get YouTube shorts on my tablet?

Here’s how: Go to and type the creator’s name or video category in the search bar after the “#shorts”. It should be something like this: “#shorts + gadgets”. Once you enter this term and hit enter, you’ll see all the videos from that category or creator.

When did YouTube Shorts come out?

YouTube launched the beta version of Shorts in India on Sept. 14, 2020, prompting some people to ask, “What is YouTube Shorts?”

Can I earn money from YouTube Shorts?

Importantly, you can monetize Shorts even if you’re not in the YouTube Partner Program, which means that Shorts monetization is available even to small or brand new channels. … I already make thousands per year from my YouTube channel.

Is YouTube Shorts available in USA?

After successfully testing Shorts in India – and then bringing its beta to the US back in March – YouTube is now rolling out the short-form video format to all creators in the United States.

Who is eligible for YouTube shorts?

Creators must be 13 or older in the United States, or the age of majority in their country/region.