What hex color is the YouTube logo?

The hexadecimal color code #c4302b is a shade of red. In the RGB color model #c4302b is comprised of 76.86% red, 18.82% green and 16.86% blue.

Cool colours like blue, green, purple and pinkish-violet are calm, visually appealing and go easy on the eyes. Whereas warm colour like red, orange and yellow hit your eyes. YouTubers try to make their branding as colourful as possible to make their videos pop on screen.

The hexadecimal color code #6441a5 is a shade of blue-magenta. In the RGB color model #6441a5 is comprised of 39.22% red, 25.49% green and 64.71% blue.

How do I find out what my color hex is?

You can identify any color on the screen, including those in other applications and on websites. Let go of the mouse button to reveal the hex code. The code will appear in the blank at the center of the application. Double-click the hex code and press Ctrl + C .

What color is 3d3d3d?

Hex #3d3d3d

Category red (dark red)
RGB R 61 G 61 B 61 RGB (61, 61, 61) copy to clipboard
HSL H 0 S 0 L 0.24
CMYK C 0% M 0% Y 0% K 76%
Usage of red The color #3d3d3d is a great dark shade. Is it suitable for text, buttons or backgrounds? Read usage recommendations …
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What hex color is discord?

Discord uses the colors blurple, full white, greyple, dark but not black, and not quite black for most of their brand assets. The hexadecimal code for their blurple is currently #5865F2. In the RGB color model, that same blurple has 88 red, 101 green, and 242 blue or (88, 101, 242).

What colors attract clicks?

Orange means fun or impulse

Because of its high contrast with other more subtle colors like blue and green, orange can be a great color to draw attention to your call to action. Use it as a primary button color or as an arrow to focus attention to a place where you’d like the user to click.

What colors stand out on YouTube?

As you may have noticed, YouTube uses three main colors on their site: white, red and black. If your thumbnail uses lots of white, red and black it’s going to be hard for your thumbnail to stand out. Of course, you’re free to use white, red and black in your thumbnail (many big YouTubers do).

We interviewed industry experts and boiled down their advice to three important rules.

  1. START IN BLACK AND WHITE. “The idea should precede the palette,” says David Airey, a graphic designer and the writer behind Logo Design Love. …

What color is the Discord logo? The light and fresh Discord color palette represent creativity, communication, and freedom, which the application provides its users with. The light lilac and blue, used in the visual identity of the brand is Blurple (HEX Color #7289DA), and Full White ( Hex Color #FFFFF).

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What is the color code for Instagram?

Here are the Hex and RGB colors of the new Instagram logo.

Instagram New Logo (2016) Color Palette (Hex and RGB)

#8a3ab9 Instagram Purple Violet Hex: #8a3ab9 RGB: 138, 58, 185
#bc2a8d Instagram Red Violet Hex: #bc2a8d RGB: 188, 42, 141
#fccc63 Instagram Yellow Hex: #fccc63 RGB: 252, 204, 99
#fbad50 Instagram Orange Hex: #fbad50 RGB: 251, 173, 80