What is a seller badge on Facebook?

Seller badges help us and our community identify sellers with good selling history on Facebook. You can find seller badges on your commerce profile. Only people on Marketplace can see badges.

How do I get the seller badge on Facebook?

To get the Super Seller badge: You must have posted at least 10 listings within one Facebook buy and sell group in the last 30 days.

To appeal a decision:

  1. From the Facebook app, tap .
  2. Tap Marketplace.
  3. Tap , then tap Insights.
  4. Tap the order you want to appeal.
  5. Tap Request Review.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do you see a seller’s rating on Facebook?

To prevent people from being pressured into changing a rating, you can view your seller rating after you rate the buyer, or 14 days after the buyer submits their seller rating—whichever comes first. Keep in mind that seller ratings become public once you receive 5 or more ratings.

What do badges mean on Marketplace?

The Top Shipper badge on a commerce profile means that a seller has been using shipping on Marketplace for at least 60 days and has fulfilled at least 10 transactions a month, in the previous two consecutive months.

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What badges can you get on FB Marketplace?

You can also be granted the ‘Community Recommended Badge’, which is given to sellers who have a high rating on Marketplace. To receive this badge, you’ll need to have been rated at least three times and 75% of these ratings need to have been positive.

How many recommendations do you need on Facebook to get a rating?

How Facebook Recommendations Work. Depending on which option (“yes” or “no”) reviewers choose, they’re asked to then provide information about what they did or did not like. Facebook requires reviewers to write at least 25 characters in order to post their review – no writing = no recommendation.

How do you get rid of fake reviews on Facebook?

To hide or remove a bad Facebook review from your business page, you can:

  1. Report the review if it violates Facebook’s community standards,
  2. Report the reviewer as a fake account, or.
  3. Turn reviews off completely by navigating to your page’s settings, clicking Templates and Tabs, and toggling Reviews to “off.”

How do I know if Facebook Marketplace seller is legit?

For Buyers: How to Spot a Seller Scam on Marketplace

  1. The listing offers a suspiciously low price for a high-demand item. …
  2. The seller will not meet you in person or let you see the item before purchase. …
  3. The seller asks you to pay using gift cards for eBay or another company.

How do you get highly rated on Facebook?

How to Get Reviews on Your Facebook Page

  1. From your page, click Settings. …
  2. Find the Reviews option and click Add Tab. …
  3. Select Get a notification each time there is activity on your Page or an important Page update. …
  4. Find the Reviews option and click Settings. …
  5. Many businesses fear receiving a bad review.
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Do people post things on Facebook marketplace?

Local Facebook groups and Facebook Marketplace are where, instead of eBaying second-hand goods, people harness Facebook’s power to sell to others in the local community. The idea’s simple: sellers post ads for unwanted goods, and buyers pop round and pay cash in hand if they’re happy.

How do I make my Facebook Marketplace stand out?

We’ve curated the best tips and advice from experienced sellers and Facebook’s team to make sure you find success leveraging Marketplace.

  1. Do A Competitive Analysis. …
  2. Invest in an SEO Strategy. …
  3. Use High Quality, Square Pictures. …
  4. Leverage Facebook Messenger. …
  5. Engage in Relevant Facebook Groups. …
  6. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.