Who can see my story on twitter?

After you protect your Tweets, only you and your followers can read your updates or see your Tweets in Twitter search. If you at one time had public Tweets (before protecting your Tweets), those Tweets will no longer be public or appear in public Twitter search results.

Does Twitter have private stories?

Introducing “Fleets,” Twitter’s Version of Stories

Completely private, fleets can’t be retweeted or shared. In a blog post, Twitter stated that its goal is to encourage those afraid of the public nature on the platform to air out their thoughts more privately.

How do Twitter stories work?

Twitter Moments are curated stories about what’s happening around the world—powered by Tweets. It’s easy to create your own story with Twitter Moments. You can begin creating your own Moment via the navigation bar on twitter.com. To get started all you need is a title, description, Tweets, and a selected cover image.

How do I view a story on Twitter?

How to view and interact with Moments:

  1. When you see a Moment you’d like to explore, tap it to scroll through the story.
  2. You can tap the more icon to Tweet the Moment, share via Direct Message, or tap Share via… to choose from a variety of sharing options, such as SMS and email.
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Is anyone seeing my tweets?

When you sign up for Twitter, your Tweets are public by default; anyone can view and interact with your Tweets. Should you choose to protect your Tweets, you can do so through your account settings. If you protect your Tweets, you’ll receive a request when new people want to follow you, which you can approve or deny.

How do I make my Twitter private?

Log in to Twitter and then head to the Settings page. You can get there by clicking on the small circular profile picture icon in the top right and then clicking Settings and Privacy. Next, from the menu on the left, select Privacy and Safety. Then check the checkbox that says Protect My Tweets.

Why do they call Twitter stories fleets?

Fleets came years after Snapchat and Facebook introduced similar options for their users. The purpose of Fleets was to get more users to post content on Twitter, but rather than encouraging new users to post content, Fleets were just used by Twitter’s existing power users, the company said.

Can you see who views your Twitter fleets?

Just like it is on Instagram, you can see who viewed your fleets. Fleet owners can see who viewed their Fleets by tapping on “Seen By” at the boom of their Fleets. Fleet authors can protect their Fleets as they do protect their tweets.

Can you turn off stories on Twitter?

Twitter’s take on “stories,” which is called Fleets, allows you to post disappearing media and text. But if you find stories out of place on Twitter, or simply don’t want people you follow to appear on top of your feed, you can mute them.

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What are Twitter stories called?

Twitter Has Stories Now And They’re Called ‘Fleets’

What happened to Twitter stories?

Twitter’s Fleets platform was announced in March 2020 as a response to the huge success of Instagram Stories (and Snapchat, of course), which lets users post photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. …

Does Twitter have stories like Instagram?

Twitter Fleets is an Instagram Stories-like ephemeral feature, that appears on the top of a user’s feed, and posts on it disappear in 24 hours. Twitter started testing Fleets in June 2020, and eventually rolled it out to users globally in November last year.

Does Twitter notify when you Screenshot a fleet?

Twitter does not notify users of fleet screenshots — here’s what to know. In short: if you or another person takes a screenshot of a fleet, no notifications will be sent. This means that you can screenshot other users’ fleets without issue, but people can save yours as well.