Why does Facebook have no debt?

How does Facebook have no debt?

Social-media giant Facebook doesn’t have any long-term debt on its books. … Over the past four quarters, Facebook’s free cash flow has totaled more than $24 billion. Its cash position is strong enough that it’s been able to repurchase $9 billion worth of shares during that time.

How much debt does FB have?

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Meta Platforms Debt/Equity Ratio Historical Data
Date Long Term Debt Debt to Equity Ratio
2021-03-31 $29.87B 0.22
2020-12-31 $31.03B 0.24
2020-09-30 $28.71B 0.24

Why Facebook has a lot of cash?

Facebook makes a lot of money

Because of its massive user base, the company makes a lot of money from serving ads. In 2019, Facebook’s revenue was $70.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 27% from $55.8 billion in 2018. … They also own WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but these apps don’t drive a lot of ad revenue yet.

Does Facebook have long term debt?

Long term debt can be defined as the sum of all long term debt fields.

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Facebook Quarterly Long Term Debt (Millions of US $)
2019-03-31 $6,565
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How much liquid assets Does Mark Zuckerberg have?

123.8 billion USD (2021)
Марк Цукерберг/Собственный капитал
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