Why does my FB active status keep turning on?

Normally it’s because you’ve received a message, but just to make sure you’re getting the correct information see the below from Facebook: would you like to find out more information on how to change your active status in messenger, you can do so at the link below: https://www.facebook.com/help/messe…

Why does FB keep showing me as active?

Originally Answered: What does it mean when Facebook Messenger say I’m active when I’m not using Messenger? It means either you’re using Facebook app or there’s messenger app running in the background processes of your phone or there’s someone who is using your account (possibilities are usually low, so don’t worry).

How do I permanently turn off my active status on Facebook?

Scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy” to expand a new set of options. Tap “Settings,” then scroll down to the “Privacy” section. Locate “Active Status” and select it to open a new screen, then flip the “Show when you’re active” switch to the off position.

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Why does it say I’m active on Facebook when I’m not?

There would be two possible reasons for this: That person has turned off chat on the device they are using. They will still be able to receive messages, but will show as offline. If they turned off chat in the Messenger app, they will actually still be able to chat; they simply won’t show up as Active Now.

Can Facebook status show active when not?

When your active status is turned off, you will appear offline even when you’re online. You can also choose to appear offline only for certain people that you select.

How accurate is Facebook active status?

It’s a common theory Facebook Messenger’s last seen notifications are not accurate. Mainly because it is thought if you leave the app or site open, it will still show you as being “active now” even though you are not physically browsing within it. Others say the status isn’t accurate at all.

How do you find out who stalks you on Facebook?

In order to find out who is stalking you on Facebook, users need to open Facebook.com on their desktops, then log in to their account. Upon logging in, they need to right-click anywhere on their home page, and click “View page source” – this will open the source code for the Facebook home page.

Can you hide yourself on Facebook?

Visit Facebook.com, log in to your profile and click ‘Account’ in the top-right corner. From there, choose ‘Privacy Settings. ‘ … This new page will load a number of different privacy options, but you’ll want to click through each one and change the setting to ‘Only Me’ so that nobody else can see your Facebook activity.

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Can I turn off the green dot on Facebook?

To turn off the green light on Facebook Messenger on your mobile device, open the Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap your profile picture at the top of the open app. … Select “Turn Off” to complete the action and remove the active status and green dots inside the Messenger app.

What is the difference between active now and the green light on Facebook?

Active now means that you are using face book and you are online on face book, but you are also member of the Messenger, but not using it’s chat. The green dot beside the name of a person in the facebook messenger means that, the person is ‘active’ on facebook, which means he/she is using facebook at the current time..

Can you tell if someone is looking at your Messenger?

Go to messenger chat and see the name of the person who are active, it will show a green dot. The green dot is the indicator of the active status of the person. If you don’t find the green dot beside the name of the person, it means he/she has hidden it through their settings.

Does the green dot on Messenger mean they are chatting?

If you see the green dot on Messenger next to the video icon it basically means that the person is available for video chat. If you have allowed Facebook to access your camera then most likely the green dot next to the video icon will always be switched on whenever you are active on Messenger.

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