You asked: How do I mute a friend’s story on Facebook?

How do you mute someone else’s story?

How to mute someone’s story on Instagram:

  1. Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Step 2: Then at the top of the feed, tap and hold the profile picture of the person whose story you’d like to mute.
  3. Step 3: Now select Mute.
  4. Step 4: Finally, then tap on Mute Story.
  5. Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your device.

How do I stop getting notifications from a friend’s story on Facebook?

How to turn off Facebook Story notifications on Android

  1. Open Facebook and head over to the notifications tab.
  2. Look for a recent notification saying “added to their stories”.
  3. Tap the 3 dots next to the stories notification.
  4. Tap “Turn off notifications about friends adding to their stories”.

How do I mute stories on Facebook 2021?

Open the app and select the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the main page. Choose “Filters” and enable the toggle next to “Hide Stories” to prevent Stories from appearing.

How do you mute someone on Facebook?

First, scroll through your news feed and find a post from the Facebook user that you want to mute. Here, tap the “Menu” button from the top-right corner of the post. Now, if you want to temporarily mute a person or a page for 30 days, tap the “Snooze (Name) For 30 days” button.

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How do I block someone stories?

Instagram Will Let You Temporarily Mute Someone’s Stories — Here’s How

  1. First, you’ll need to see their story pop up at the top of your feed.
  2. Now, tap and hold down their profile picture. You doing it? …
  3. Then, you’ll be prompted with two options: Mute and View Profile. Select Mute > Mute Story.
  4. Voila!

How do I stop getting notifications from someone’s story?

Select “Settings” from the resulting dropdown menu. Tap on “Notifications.” Select “Posts, Stories, and Comments” from the notification’s submenu. Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle the “Off” button under “First Posts and Stories.”

Why does Facebook Notify me when someone comments on someone else’s post?

Most Facebook notifications tend to be a result of your own interactions with the site. You get notifications because you comment on posts, join groups or follow pages. … Screen time apps can help limit your Facebook time so you’re less tempted to idly browse.

Why does Facebook Notify me when someone posts a story?

Adjust your notification settings in the Messenger app for stories. Notifications about stories follow your other notification settings on Facebook. For example, if your notifications for Close Friend activity are turned on, you’ll get notifications about stories from people on your Close Friends list.

How do you stop stories on Facebook?

How to mute Facebook stories on a computer

  1. Log into Facebook on your preferred browser on a Mac or PC.
  2. At the top of your newsfeed, you’ll find active stories. …
  3. Select a story if you haven’t already. …
  4. Click on the three dots in the right hand corner of the story.
  5. Click “Mute.”
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Can I hide stories on Facebook?

Open the Facebook app for iOS or Android. Set your story privacy to Friends. Tap Hide Story From. Tap to select the people you’d like to hide your story from.

Can you get rid of stories on Facebook?

You can delete a Facebook Story before its day-long life has elapsed in a matter of seconds. After Facebook Stories disappear automatically, the stories are still stored in an archive, so to completely remove them, you can also delete your stories from the archive.