You asked: How do I unlink my twitter from Streamlabs?

There is no way to unlink from streamlabs site. I unlinked from twitch and youtube. Log out from streamlabs, log back with youtube.

How do I unlink my Streamlabs account?

To Disconnect Your Twitch Account:

  1. Log out of and Streamlabs OBS.
  2. Under “Other connections” you will find Streamlabs Dashboard and click “Disconnect”
  3. Voilà, you are done!

How do I cancel my Streamlabs OBS?

Log in to your Streamlabs account. Click your name at the top right of a donation page. Go to Pro Settings. Click Cancel & Refund Subscription.

How do I turn off stream elements?

If you wish to delete your Account you may do it from the account page on the dashboard or send an email request to StreamElements at.

How do I change my OBS account?

Member. But if you have multiple Accounts on Twitch, u can use multiple Profiles in OBS for that. Just set everything up in the Settings and go to General. Type in a Settings Profile Name and hit “Add” You can do that with as much Accounts you want.

How do I change my Streamlabs on Facebook?

How Can I Add or Edit the Facebook Pages in Streamlabs OBS. Go to FACEBOOK settings > Settings and Privacy > Business integrations > Find SLOBS and view/edit the permissions. You should be able to select your other pages to be included.

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How do I cancel Prime Streamlabs?

How To Cancel Streamlabs Prime

  1. Step 1 – Go to & Open Settings. To cancel Streamlabs Prime you will need to open Streamlabs in your browser. …
  2. Step 2 – Go To Manage Subscription. …
  3. Step 3 – Continue Cancelation.

How much does Streamlabs prime cost?

Streamlabs Prime is an optional toolset designed to enhance and supplement your channel with advanced features. Streamlabs Prime is available for $149 per year or $19 a month.

How do I change stream key on Streamlabs?

How to Reset Your Stream Key on Twitch

  1. Step 2: Click on the Creator Dashboard.
  2. Step 3: On the navigation on the left, click on “Settings” and then click on “Stream.”
  3. Step 4: Click “Reset” next to your stream key.
  4. Step 2: Log back in.