You asked: How do you save detailed target audience on Facebook?

To do so, just create the audience and click the Save This Audience button at the bottom of the “Audience” section of ad set creation. When you save an audience, everything about it is preserved for future use except its locations. You have to select your locations each time.

How do I save target Audience on Facebook?

Click the “Create Audience” button at the far right and select “Saved Audience.” Now create the audience as you normally would within the ad set. Select custom audiences, countries, ages, genders, interests, connections, or whatever you want. Then name and save it.

How do you choose detailed targeting on Facebook?

Detailed targeting is a targeting option available in the “Audience” section of ad set creation that allows you to refine the group of people we show your ads to. You can do this with information such as additional demographics, interests and behaviors. These detailed targeting options may be based on: Ads they click.

How do I find my saved audiences?

To find your saved audiences:

  1. Go to your Audiences.
  2. Click Filters.
  3. In the dropdown menu, click Saved Audience.
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How do I find my saved audience on Facebook?

Find a saved audience

  1. Go to your Audiences.
  2. Click Filters.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click Saved audiences.

How do you turn on detailed targeting expansion for your audience?

To use targeting expansion, go to your ad set, then Audiences. Find the Detailed Targeting section, then click to check the box next to the “Expand detailed targeting” option. Check the box to enable targeting expansion.

Should I use detailed target expansion?

No, you should not use Facebook’s Detailed Targeting Expansion. If it does anything at all, it just massively inflates the size of your target audience. As my examples show it increases both targeted and broad interests to a worldwide audience of 2.1 billion people.

Should I turn on lookalike expansion?

Not only can Audience Lookalike Expansion help with scale and reach, but it can also increase your conversions up to 2x. … Audience Lookalike Expansion is an excellent tactic to find those new audiences that look just like your ideal buyer—making it one of my favourite StackAdapt features.

How do I change my target audience on Facebook ad?

To edit an existing audience:

  1. Go to Audience Insights.
  2. If you have multiple ad accounts, select the account where the audience is saved from the drop-down at the top of the page.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Select the Audience you want to edit and click Open.
  5. Use the filters to edit your audience.
  6. Click Save.

What is a saved audience on Facebook?

Saved audiences: Audiences that are built on including or excluding people on Facebook based on shared demographics, interests or behavior. Custom audiences: Audiences that are based on data from offline customer lists or online interactions with people on your website, app or Facebook presence.

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Can you exclude saved audiences Facebook?

How To Exclude Audiences In Your Facebook Campaigns. Excluding audiences is quite straightforward. Just create a campaign the way you usually do and in the audience section exclude the desired custom audience, or an audience based on demographic, interests or behaviour information.