You asked: What is the conversion rate of Instagram influencer?

While a recent study by Grapevine found that the average rate of conversion through influencers is 2.5%, it’s clear that influencers have much more potential if you play your cards right. These brands secured exceptional rates because of the combination of solid brand awareness and creative influencer content.

What is a good conversion rate for influencers?

What’s a good influencer conversion rate? For influencer marketing campaigns of all lengths, a commonly agreed-upon good conversion rate is 3% and above, but that really depends on a few factors such as industry, your website layout and how marketing campaigns normally convert, and the average sales cycle.

What is a good conversion rate on Instagram?

The average Conversion Rate for the brands that perform in the top 20% of the Instagram accounts we analyzed is 0.3%. It’s significantly higher for brands with 10K-50K followers (2.2%) followed by brands with <10K followers (1.8% conversion), implying brands with smaller following have a higher Conversion Rate.

What is a good engagement rate for Instagram influencer?

We like how influencer marketing agency Scrunch uses the following scale to rank engagement rates: Less than 1% = low engagement rate. Between 1% and 3.5% = average/good engagement rate. Between 3.5% and 6% = high engagement rate.

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What are Instagram influencer rates?

Here are some of the average prices for Instagram influencers;

  • $75 – $300 per post, per 3,000 – 15,000 followers.
  • $300 – $600 per post, per 15,000 to 50,000 followers.
  • $600 – $800 per post, per 50,000 – 100,000 followers.
  • $800 – $2,000 per post, per 100,000 – 150,000 followers.

How much money does 1000 Instagram followers make?

Brands typically pay anywhere from $10 per 1,000 followers to $500 for every 1,000 followers depending on your niche and engagement. If you have around 1,000 followers and want to make money, you should look into coupling your Instagram with other marketing channels.

Does Instagram pay its influencers?

Influencers also make money on Instagram through commissions on affiliate links, selling merchandise and DTC products, and monetization tools the platform is slowly rolling out. One influencer made an average of $5,000 per month in 2020 through affiliate links alone.

Is 1000 Instagram followers a lot?

They’ve probably never even looked at how many accounts you follow. Once a user crosses the 1,000 followers marker, you can expect more sales and micro-influencers. … When you cross the 1,000 followers count, it is when you can expect more sales and micro-influencers.

What is a normal conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is between 2 percent and 5 percent. The thing with conversion rate is that even a jump of 0.5 percent can be a big deal.

What are conversions Instagram?

What is a Conversion? A conversion takes place when a user does what you want them to do. In the case of a social media conversion, this means a user that completed an action with your business that originated from social media.

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How is influencer rate calculated?

On average, a good engagement rate for an Instagram influencer is between 2% to 3%. If you want to know an influencer’s engagement rate on Instagram, simply divide the average number of likes and comments on a post by the number of followers, then multiply it by 100 to determine the percentage.

How do you calculate influencer rate?

How to calculate fair Instagram influencer rates

  1. Engagement rate per post + extras for type of post (x #of posts) + extra factors = total rate.
  2. The unspoken industry standard is $100 per 10,000 followers + extras for type of post (x # of posts) + additional factors = total rate.

How much do influencers charge per post?

Two travel bloggers with follower count in the 50,000-100,000 bracket (micro-influencers) charged $500 per post.

Instagram influencer marketing pricing.

Type of Influencers Rate
Micro (10-100k followers) $100-500
Mid (100-500k followers) $500-$5k
Macro (500k-1m followers) $5-$10k
Mega (1m+ followers) $10k+