Your question: Do girls use Instagram more than boys?

Do girls get more likes than boys on Instagram?

Marketers may want to consider focusing their influencer marketing efforts on women, after new research revealed female Instagram users get five time more likes than male users. The average number of likes for female users, including celebrities, influencers and ordinary users, was 578, compared to 117 for male users.

Why girls use Instagram more?


As all know, Instagram is a platform for fashion, beauty, design, and brands that target women as its customers. Another reason is, this platform is for sharing photos and women are more interested in showing themselves, their clothes, make –up, home, etc.

What age is OK for Instagram?

Instagram requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Accounts that represent someone under the age of 13 must clearly state in the account’s bio that the account is managed by a parent or manager.

Who is Instagram’s target audience?

Over two thirds of total Instagram audiences were aged 34 years and younger and this makes the platform particularly attractive for marketers.

Distribution of Instagram users worldwide as of July 2021, by age group.

Characteristic Percentage of users
35-44 16.3%
45-54 8.1%
55-64 3.8%
65+ 2.3%
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Who uses Instagram the most?

Countries with the most Instagram users 2021

As of October 2021, India was the leading country based on Instagram audience size with more than 201 million users accessing the photo and video sharing and editing app, followed by the United States with over 157 million users.

How many likes do girls get on Instagram?

What we found was that, on average, female Instagram users get five times the number of likes than male users – 578 compared to 117.