Your question: How do I get Tweet Deck?

Is TweetDeck free?

TweetDeck is a free interface available to anyone who has a Twitter account. It’s perfect for those looking to manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule social media content, improve organization, and keep tabs on the latest trends and hashtags.

How do I make my own TweetDeck?

How to create a Tweet in TweetDeck

  1. Click Tweet while logged into your Twitter account.
  2. If you’re logged into multiple accounts, confirm the Twitter account you’d like to Tweet from is selected.
  3. Compose your Tweet with text. …
  4. To create a thread, click on to add the next Tweet in your thread.
  5. Click Tweet to share.

Is there a TweetDeck app?

TweetDeck Teams — a feature that lets users share access to Twitter accounts without having to share a password — will now work in the Twitter app for iOS and Android. … (Windows users were directed to use TweetDeck via the web.)

Can you download TweetDeck?

Yes. If you want a simple Twitter dashboard for all your accounts, download TweetDeck. Organize your accounts, messages, and tweets, and watch your engagement grow.

Is TweetDeck part of Twitter?

TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. Originally an independent app, TweetDeck was subsequently acquired by Twitter Inc.

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How do I get TweetDeck on my iPhone?

TweetDeck is not available for iPhone but there are plenty of alternatives with similar functionality. The best iPhone alternative is Hootsuite, which is free.

Does TweetDeck exist?

Since TweetDeck stopped its mobile apps back in 2013 and its Windows App ceased functioning on April 15, 2016, Android and iPhone users have been left with the web desktop version of the program.

How do I schedule tweets with TweetDeck?

To schedule a Tweet:

  1. Sign in to your TweetDeck account and click the Tweet.
  2. Confirm that the Twitter account you’d like to Tweet from is selected.
  3. Compose your Tweet. …
  4. Click Schedule Tweet and select the date and time you’d like the Tweet posted.
  5. Click Schedule Tweet at [date/time].

How do I add LinkedIn to TweetDeck?

How Do I Get LinkedIn on TweetDeck?

  1. Double-click the “TweetDeck” icon to launch the program. …
  2. Select “Accounts” from the list on the left side of the TweetDeck Settings window. …
  3. Click the “LinkedIn” button to continue. …
  4. Click “Save Settings” to close the Settings window.

How do you add a GIF to TweetDeck?

To post a GIF in a new tweet, click on the compose ‘feather’ icon at the top left of TweetDeck and select ‘Add Images’, then add a GIF. To add a GIF to a reply, click on the reply icon on any tweet, then click on the ‘Popout’ icon at the bottom, which will give you the ‘Add images option. ‘

Should I use TweetDeck?

TweetDeck is ideal for individuals and businesses that want to better organize their social profiles and need to manage several accounts. … For instance, if you manage three Twitter accounts, you could line up all of their notification columns together in TweetDeck so you always stay on top of interactions.

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Why is TweetDeck free?

TweetDeck is a free application that enables Twitter users to manage multiple (unlimited) Twitter accounts from a unified interface. TweetDeck is a reliable tool for businesses that are looking real-time tracking, organizing, and engagement capabilities on Twitter.

Is there a TweetDeck for Instagram?

The Instagram equivalent of Twitter’s TweetDeck is now a reality. The Verge says it’s “the web app for people obsessed with Instagram,” but Picdeck could just as accurately be described as the web app for people bemused by Instagram’s cluttered timeline.

What’s the difference between Hootsuite and HubSpot?

HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing tool that automates your CRM functions. Hootsuite, on the other hand, focuses on Social Media Marketing and Management. Nevertheless, HubSpot also provides Social Media Marketing resources. This is why many businesses run into the Hootsuite vs HubSpot dilemma.