Your question: How do you make a long tweet?

How do you tweet longer than 140?

How to Tweet Longer Than 140 Characters

  1. Install the browser extension Tampermonkey (here’s the Chrome version; here’s the Safari version), which lets you install customized user scripts to your browser.
  2. Install the “Twitter Cramming” user script located here by clicking on the “Raw” button.
  3. Tweet at 280 characters.

How do I post more than 280 characters on Twitter?

Open Twitter in another tab and compose a second tweet.

Type the same Twitter handle and counter, but this time, change the numbers to “2/3”. Then, paste the text, again making sure you’re within 280 characters.

What is the maximum length of a tweet?

In November 2017, Twitter doubled the maximum allowed tweet length from 140 to 280 characters, a drastic switch on one of the world’s most influential social media platforms.

Can tweets be longer than 140 characters?

Now that the limit is 280 characters, the most common length of a tweet is 33 characters. Historically, only 9% of tweets hit Twitter’s 140-character limit, now it’s 1%. That said, Twitter did see some impact from the doubling of character count in terms of how people write.

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What if my tweet is too long?

Simply click or tap Add another Tweet to post additional Tweet(s). This prompt is only visible to the thread author. Tap the compose icon. Pull down from the compose window and tap Continue Thread to Add to your last Tweet.

How do I get 280 characters on Twitter?

Now head to Twitter and log in. Start tweeting and you’ll see that you can tweet up to 280 characters. Just ignore the number 140 that shows up under the new tweet box. You will be able to tweet 280 characters.

How do you make a thread longer than 25 tweets?

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the limit on the number of tweets you can add via the + button before you publish is 25. After your first tweetstorm goes, you can hit a button which says “Add another Tweet,” then add another 25 to your original thread.

How do you shorten a tweet?

6 Ways To Make Your Tweets Shorter

  1. Use a link shortener. I have seen many people using TinyUrl to shorten their links, and I used to use TinyUrl as well. …
  2. Use text message language. …
  3. Drop the punctuation. …
  4. Look for shorter synonyms. …
  5. One sentence rule. …
  6. Tweet an image with the words.

How long can tweets be on Twitter?

In most cases, the text content of a Tweet can contain up to 280 characters or Unicode glyphs. Some glyphs will count as more than one character.

What is the tweet limit per hour?

Understanding Twitter Limits. Start by following the restriction of 100 tweets per hour. This includes retweets and links. If you exceed this limit, you will be in Twitter Jail for 1 to 2 hours.

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How long is the average tweet?

It turns out that the average tweet is 28 characters long, with a spike at the 140 character mark.