Best answer: How do I get my Facebook page to check in?

Why is my Facebook page not available for check in?

*Update* Ensure your Facebook Page is also verified in order to allow check-in’s on your page. If there is currently a duplicate Facebook page already verified with the same address as your business, that Facebook Page will supercede any other page to be able to allow check-in’s.

How do I add a check in button on Facebook?

How to add your location on Facebook using a mobile device

  1. Open the Facebook app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. …
  2. Click on “What’s on your mind?” in the white box at the top of your home page.
  3. Write or add photos to your post, and when you’re finished tap the “Check In” button.

Do you have to be at a location to check in on Facebook?

Places allows Facebook users to “check in” wherever they are (or pretend to be) using a mobile device, and let’s their friends know where they are at the moment. … While Places is largely an opt-in service — one needs to install and use it on a mobile device — anyone can be “checked-in” to any place by a friend.

How do I change my check in on Facebook?

To edit your location on a post:

  1. Go to the post.
  2. Tap and select Edit post.
  3. Tap Check in. You may need to tap Add to your post first.
  4. Search for and select a new location.
  5. Tap SAVE.
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What happened to Facebook check in?

Facebook will remove the Places check-in feed from its mobile apps and interface, a company spokesperson confirms with us. Rather than check-in, users will be able to add their city-level location or tag a specific Place in any post.