Best answer: How do I recover a live chat on Youtube?

Is YouTube Live chat saved?

Watch your YouTube Live streams come alive on-demand, as live chats are now saved on YouTube.

Can you see live YouTube comments after over?

As long as your video is public when you stream it and you have Live Chat enabled on your channel, live comments will show up after YouTube has processed the video.

Can you download YouTube chat?

Save Live Streaming Chats for YouTube™ Save YouTube live streaming chats in your browser. Download as CSV to read later.

Does YouTube live stream disappear?

If you do nothing, the video will be published as soon as the stream is over for all to see with the same title as the stream and a random thumbnail from the stream footage. You can go into settings to set it so that YouTube streams become unlisted or private as soon as the streams are over.

What is YouTube Live chat messages?

A liveChatMessage resource represents a chat message in a YouTube live chat. The resource can contain details about several types of messages, including a newly posted text message or fan funding event. The live chat feature is enabled by default for live broadcasts and is available while the live event is active.

How do I embed a live chat on YouTube?

* How to embed a YouTube live chat

  1. Open your blog post with the video embed code and switch to HTML mode. …
  2. Find the live broadcast video ID from the video embed code. …
  3. Find the domain of blog or website where the live chat will be embedded. …
  4. Construct the live chat URL. …
  5. Create an iframe using the video embed code as an example.
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What is top chat replay on YouTube?

With the newly launched chat replay, live chats that happened during a broadcast will show up alongside replays of the video exactly as they appeared. Also, in the coming weeks, live stream videos will have the option to include automatic English captions powered by live automatic speech recognition technology.