Can I transfer my twitter followers to a new account?

You cannot transfer followers from different accounts in Twitter. But you can download all your followers to CVS/TXT, and then export them to another Twitter accounts, but not as your followers, as your following. After that, you can auto-send them all a private messages to ask them to follow you.

How do I transfer followers from one Twitter account to another?

Because Twitter lacks a formalized policy or procedure for moving followers from one account to another or combining the followers from multiple accounts into one, you can’t force other users to change their connection or simply push a button and consolidate the lists.

Can you export your Twitter followers?

Exporting your Twitter followers should be an easy job. It is just like asking a bank for your financials. Twitter does provide you with an option to export Twitter followers from your account in JSON format.

Can I merge 2 Twitter accounts?

Can I merge or combine two or more Twitter accounts into one? We currently do not offer a way to merge multiple accounts into one or migrate data (Tweets, following, or followers) from one account to another.

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How do I transfer my Twitter account?

Open your Twitter app and either swipe right or tap on your account icon in the upper left corner. A side menu will open. Tap on the small down-facing arrow next to your name. Tap on “Add an existing account.” (You can also start a new account here, if you wish.)

Can you transfer followers from one account to another?

No, Instagram does not give you the option to transfer followers from one account to the other. Your only option is to ask followers to follow you on the new account.

Can you change your Twitter handle and keep followers?

Note: Changing your username will not affect your existing followers, Direct Messages, or replies. Your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo when you update.

How can I export all my followers on twitter?

Twitter Followers List for Your Account

  1. Log in to your Twitter account (after your login, you will see the option to download the followers for any Twitter account)
  2. Choose your Twitter follower list download format (Excel or CSV)
  3. Complete your order.

How can I backup my twitter followers?

In the menu go to Settings and Privacy (this may be behind the More option first, depending on how you’re accessing Twitter); Then go to Account, followed by Data and permissions, and then Your Twitter data; Pick the option Download your Twitter data, which will require your Twitter password; and.

How do I copy a twitter list?

Go to the List you’d like to share. 2. Use the share icon ( on iOS, web, and Android) from the top right of the List’s detail page, and choose from: Copy link to List.

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Can I create multiple Twitter accounts with one email?

Twitter doesn’t allow multiple accounts on one email address… or do they? If you have Gmail, you can create additional twitter accounts by using aliases. To create an alias in Gmail, you simply add a plus sign (+) after your Gmail user name and add the alias before the @ symbol.

What happens when you merge Twitter accounts?

Essentially, merging Twitter accounts gives your followers a clearer picture of what your company stands for, and everything you offer. It makes it easier for people to reach you online, which could help you convert followers to customers.

How do you make a new Twitter account with the same email?

Don’t worry the solution is easy. The only thing you need is a Gmail address. All you need to do is to enter “+something” AFTER your Gmail username and BEFORE the “” Gmail allows you to use “+” signs to create email aliases.