Can you collaborate on YouTube playlists?

From the left Menu, select Playlists. … Click the slider next to “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist”. Turn on “Allow new collaborators”. Copy the playlist link and share it with the people you want to collaborate with.

How do you make a collaborative playlist on Youtube?

If you want to share a playlist with friend, all you need to do is tap the more menu beside a playlist on YT Music and tap Edit. You’ll find the “Collaborate” button right next to the Privacy drop down menu — the app will then give you a link you can share with the friends you want to work with.

Can you make a collaborative playlist?

Make any playlist Collaborative to let your friends add, remove, and reorder tracks. … Select a playlist you created. Tap . Tap Make collaborative.

Can private playlists be collaborative?

To do so, you need to create the playlist and make sure it’s set as Secret. You can follow the steps under Playlist Privacy here. Once the playlist is created and set as Collaborative, you can Share it by copying the playlist Link and sending it in a message to the users you want.

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Can a Youtube playlist be shared?

To share a playlist:

Open the playlist you’d like to share. Click Menu next to the playlist. Click Share. From here you can share the playlist across social networks, embed the playlist, or email the playlist.

Can you follow friends on YouTube music?

While you can’t follow other people just yet or get a special Duo Mix for you and your special someone, you can now at least share your profile complete with your public playlists with others via links. App interface. … You have to head to a public playlist and click or tap the creator’s name to see their profile.

Is collaborative playlist only for premium?

Best of all, you don’t need a Premium subscription to create or participate in a Collaborative Playlist: They’re available to both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium members alike. … Now users are able to view avatars in the playlist header that shows who helped create the Collaborative Playlist.

How do I make a collaborative playlist for one person?

Go to “My Library” point of the menu; Select the playlist you want to share; Click on the “Add person” icon; Select the option “Make Collaborative”.

How do you add a playlist to another playlist on Youtube?

Go to video manager > watch later in the left bar (this doesn’t show up in playlist view so open up in a new tab). Click the select all box. Click the playlist drop down, then select add to new playlist. Give it a name and a privacy setting, then click create new playlist.

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How do I make a secret playlist?

To make a playlist secret on desktop, go to ‘playlists’, pick the one you want to hide and click on the circle with an ellipsis inside: Click ‘make secret’ and no one but you will have access to the playlist or be able to see when you’re listening to it.

How do you Unprivate a playlist on YouTube?

Change playlist privacy setting

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, select Playlists .
  3. Next to the playlist you want to update, click Edit in YouTube .
  4. Below the playlist’s title, click the Playlist privacy drop-down menu.
  5. Select the new privacy setting.
  6. Click Save.

How do I share my YouTube playlist to another YouTube account?

How to share a YouTube playlist with a link to view

  1. Using the menu on the left, find the playlist you want to share. …
  2. Select “Edit” by your account name. …
  3. Select “Share” from the top. …
  4. Copy the playlist link or embed code. …
  5. Select “Playlist Settings” under the playlist’s name.

How do I share a playlist?

If you’re using Apple Music on Android, open the playlist in the app, tap the three dots on the right and choose Share Playlist. You can copy the link to it—ready to paste wherever you want—or pick one of the apps listed to share there directly.