How do I change the frequency cap on Facebook ads?

How do you change the frequency cap?

Select Settings in the page menu. Click Additional settings. Select Frequency capping. Enter the number of impressions (or views for video campaigns).

Is there a frequency cap in Facebook ads?

Availability. All frequency caps are based on impressions, except for 2-second continuous video views optimization, which is view-based. For example, in the reach objective, you can set a custom frequency cap of 2 impressions per 7 days. This cap means that any one person will see at most 2 impressions every 7 days.

Can you limit frequency on Facebook?

There is no limit on frequency. However, Facebook starts to serve your ad less often after you’ve shown your ad to the same audience more than 3-4 times.

What is frequency capping in ads?

A feature that limits the number of times your Display or Video ads appear to the same person. Frequency is the number of times a user sees ads in your Display or Video campaign over a given time period. Frequency capping works differently on Display campaigns and Video campaigns.

How do I find the frequency of my Facebook ad?

#1 – Go inside the “business manager“ and click on your “Ads Manager”. #2 – Click on “column” at the middle right of the screen. #3 – Select “customize columns” in the dropdown menu. #4 – Select “Frequency” to make it appear in your ads manager.

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What is a bad frequency on Facebook ads?

We’re going to limit the frequency of the ad itself, so we can set a rule that says if an ad has a frequency greater than 5, we’ll pause it. The setup will look like this: That’s it! Now once our frequency hits 6 or higher, it will be paused.

What is Frequency limit?

Lower Frequency Limit.

The lower frequency limit is the frequency that causes the ripple voltage to exceed the maximum allowable level (determined by the design requirements). It can be estimated by applying the basic discharge equation for capacitors, which is. (7.12)

How do you calculate Frequency in ad?

Ad Frequency is the average number of times your ad is displayed to a unique user. It is calculated by dividing your ad’s impressions by its reach. This metric helps understand how frequently your ad is viewed by your target audience on average.