How do I edit a story I posted on Instagram?

Can you edit an Instagram story after you post it?

While Instagram doesn’t allow you to edit the contents of your stories, you do have the option to save or delete each story after posting it. You can also change the cover picture and name settings of a story highlight.

How do you delete or edit a story on Instagram?

Step 1: Open Instagram app on your device. Step 2: Open your story highlight and find the photo or video you want to remove. Step 3: Tap More icon (iPhone and Android) in the bottom right of the photo or video. Step 4: Tap Remove from Highlight or tap Edit Highlight to add more photos or videos to your story.

How do you add to an Instagram story after posting?

Adding Photos to Your Story

  1. Open the Instagram app and stay on the home page. Locate your story in the upper left-hand corner and long-press the round icon.
  2. Choose ‘Add to Your Story’ in the pop-up window.
  3. Select the image(s) you’d like to add and click ‘Send To’ just as you normally would.
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How do you edit a story?

How to Edit Your Short Story

  1. Print out your story. …
  2. Read your story out loud. …
  3. Read your story again, taking notes this time. …
  4. Write notes on how each paragraph moves the story forward. …
  5. Evaluate your character and theme. …
  6. Edit for prose. …
  7. Have a friend read your story and give feedback. …
  8. Compare their feedback with your own notes.

How do you delete part of your story on Instagram?

Go to your story by tapping Your story at the top of Feed. Tap More (iPhone) or More (Android) in the bottom right of the photo or video you’d like to delete. Tap Delete, then tap Delete again to confirm.

Can you remove stories from Instagram?

You can delete your story on Instagram by deleting individual frames of a story. Once posted, you’re not able to edit a photo or video in a story. Once you delete a photo or video in an Instagram story, it will be removed permanently.

How do I delete a story without deleting it?

Step 1: First, you need to open your Instagram app on your device. Step 3: On the new page tap Settings. Step 4: From the given options tap Privacy > Story. Step 5: Next to Save to Archive, you need to toggle it off/on.

How do you add another story?

How To Use Instagram Stories

  1. 1) Click the plus arrow in the top left corner of your Instagram feed to start a new story.
  2. 2) Tap on the circle button at the bottom of the screen to take a photo or hold it down to record a video.
  3. 3) To add or drawing to your photo or video, use the buttons in the top right corner.
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How do you add more photos to an already posted story?

How to add multiple photos on an Instagram Story

  1. Tap the camera icon to open your Stories.
  2. Tap the photo icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Choose the multiple photo icon, which is located above your photo gallery.
  4. Tap the photos that you want to add in the order you want them to appear in your Stories.

How do I add something to my story on my story?

Open Instagram and tap on the “message icon” (paper airplane) in the upper right-hand corner. Open the “tagging notification” you received when you were tagged in the Story. Tap on “Add to Your Story” and select “Send” to post it to your own. Select all the edits you want and then publish the Story as normal.