How do I get Facebook Graph API email?

The only way to get the users e-mail address is to request extended permissions on the email field. The user must allow you to see this and you cannot get the e-mail addresses of the user’s friends.

How do I find my Facebook Graph API?

Getting the Access Token:

  1. Go to link, create an account there.
  2. Go to link
  3. Go to “My apps” drop down in the top right corner and select “add a new app”. …
  4. Again get back to the same link …
  5. Then, select “Get Token”.

How can I get Facebook API?

How to get Facebook API key.

  1. Log in or create an account. Go to the Facebook portal for developers and click “Log in”. …
  2. Get started. …
  3. Verify your account. …
  4. Create your app. …
  5. Add the Apps or Generate Access Tokens for your own needs.

How can I get email from Facebook oauth?

You need get email explicitly as follows: var url = ‘/me? fields=name,email’; FB. api(url, function (response) { alert(; alert(response.

  1. Where to grant permission to get user email? …
  2. go to the facebook developer console. …
  3. At the console under App Review, it says email is approved by default.
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How do I get my Facebook API user ID?

8 Answers. If you want to use Graph API to get current user ID then just send a request to:…

How can I get my Facebook API key and secret?

You have to log on to facebook (with any valid account), go to Account -> Application settings -> Developer -> Set up new application (button at the top right). After creating application you will see the key and secret at application settings page.

Does Facebook have an open API?

The Graph API is the primary way to get data into and out of the Facebook platform. It’s an HTTP-based API that apps can use to programmatically query data, post new stories, manage ads, upload photos, and perform a wide variety of other tasks.

How can I create a Facebook API?

To create a Page using the Pages API, your app must be whitelisted. Contact your Facebook representative to apply for this feature. There is another way of creating a “Page”. You can use Open Graph Protocol to create “likable” pages on your own website.

How do I Graph API Explorer on Facebook?


  1. Step 1: Navigate to Facebook Developer Website. Navigate to …
  2. Step 2: Set up your Access Token. …
  3. Step 3: Using the explorer panel. …
  4. Step 4: Viewing Page information. …
  5. Step 5: Viewing Page Insights. …
  6. Step 6: Viewing specific Insights. …
  7. Step 7: Putting the query to use.

Is the Facebook API free?

We’re providing free access to over 140 million places around the world, the same data that powers Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. We’ve created Search, Current Place, and Place Information endpoints, so you can find places relevant to your users and provide helpful information about each location.

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How do I log into Facebook via email?

How do I log into my Facebook account?

  1. Go to on your mobile browser.
  2. Enter one of the following: Email: You can log in with any email that’s listed on your Facebook account. …
  3. Enter your password and tap Log In.

Are Facebook emails verified?

Conclusion: The email address you get from Facebook using the Graph API or a FQL query is a verified email.

How do I find my user ID for graph API?

You can retrieve user’s details from Graph API using id or userPrincipalName (which is an email address).

How do I find my user ID on graph API?

You can get the user information for the signed-in user by replacing /users/{id | userPrincipalName} with /me .

How do I get an API token from a graph?

The basic steps required to use the OAuth 2.0 authorization code grant flow to get an access token from the Microsoft identity platform endpoint are:

  1. Register your app with Azure AD.
  2. Get authorization.
  3. Get an access token.
  4. Call Microsoft Graph with the access token.
  5. Use a refresh token to get a new access token.