How do I hide an album in a Facebook group?

Go into your photo albums, open an album, and click “edit info”. Under the privacy menu select “customize” Here you can select “specific people” under “make this visible to” and add who you want this album to be visible to, or even better “hide from” and start typing the name of the group.

How do I make an album private on Facebook?

Welcome to private albums on Facebook!

  1. Log into your Facebook account, and visit your personal profile page.
  2. Click on Photos.
  3. Click on +Create Album.
  4. Facebook will prompt you to choose a photo from your device to add to this album, so choose a photo or multiple photos to add.

How do I hide or delete an album on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name.

  1. Scroll down and tap Photos.
  2. Tap the album you want to delete.
  3. Tap then tap Edit.
  4. Tap Delete Album then tap Delete Album.

How do I delete an album in a group on Facebook?

Tap the red “Leave this Group Album” button at the bottom of the “Settings” screen. You will be prompted “Really leave this group album?”, tap the red “Leave this Group Album” again. Here you will be prompted “Leave your photos for other members of this group album to view?” Select “Delete My Photos”.

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How do I block Albums?

Block Albums

  1. On the Albums tab, touch Others.
  2. Touch an album, and if is displayed at the top, go to > Block. Move photos and videos you want to block to blocked albums. …
  3. To unblock an album, go to Others, touch View blocked albums, then touch Unblock next to the album.

How do I make a private album?

Hide Photos on Samsung Android Phone

  1. Open the Settings, scroll down to Privacy and safety and open Private Mode.
  2. Select how you want to access the private mode. …
  3. Once done, you’ll be able to toggle on or off Private Mode in your gallery and hide your media.

Can you hide photos on Facebook without deleting them?

Now, Facebook has released a new tool that makes it much easier to hide your embarrassing photos, without deleting them entirely. The tool, called Manage Activity, allows you to archive or delete old posts, all in one place.

How do you hide photos of you on Facebook?

How Do I Make My Facebook Photos Private?

  1. Click on your profile picture, and select Photos.
  2. Go to Albums, and select the album you want to hide from the public.
  3. Then click on Edit album, and select the current privacy settings.
  4. Select a new audience (Friends or Only me).

How do I hide photos on Facebook Timeline?

To hide a post from your Timeline, click or tap the downward facing arrow next to it and select the Hide from Timeline. Click or tap Hide and the post will be hidden from your Timeline. It’ll still appear elsewhere on Facebook, just not on your profile’s Timeline.

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How do I hide Mobile Uploads album on Facebook?

To edit the privacy settings for your photos:

  1. Tap. in the bottom right of Facebook, then tap your name.
  2. Scroll down and tap Photos.
  3. Tap Uploads.
  4. Tap to open a photo, then tap. in the top right.
  5. Tap Edit Post Privacy. If you don’t see this: …
  6. Tap to select who can see your photo, then tap Done.

Why won’t Facebook let me delete an album?

You can delete only albums you have created. Default albums, such as Timeline Photos, Cover Photos and Mobile Uploads, cannot be deleted en masse. If you want to delete images from these albums, you will need to view the images and delete them individually.

How do I rename an album in a Facebook group?

How to Rename a Photo Album in Facebook

  1. Log on to Facebook and navigate to your Timeline. Click “Photos” on your Timeline to bring up a list of your albums.
  2. Click the title of the album you want to rename. …
  3. Click the pencil icon or the “Edit Album” link located to the right of your name. …
  4. Type the new name for the album.