How do you approve a pending relationship on Facebook?

Tap the three dots next to Add Story > Edit Profile. Scroll down and tap your current relationship status. Scroll down and select the pencil icon next to Relationship. Select the down-arrow next to your relationship status to choose a new status, and then tap Done.

How do I approve relationship status on Facebook?

Facebook provides a privacy option to confirm or disapprove a relationship someone has put you in. To confirm a relationship, click the “About” me link on your profile and click the “Edit” button in the “Basic Info” section. In the Basic Info box that opens, locate the Relationship section.

How do I confirm my family request on Facebook?

A drop down menu will appear, indicating not only all friendship requests, but relationship requests too. All you have to do is click on ‘confirm’ if you wish to accept the request. Upon doing this, you will find yourself listed as in a relationship with/engaged to/married to the person who sent you the request.

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How do you know if someone declined your relationship request on Facebook?

You can tell if someone declined your request by clicking the “Edit” button for the “Basic Information” box in your “About” section. If you no longer see the person’s name in the “Relationship Status” section of the form, that person declined your request.

Why won’t FB Let me change my relationship status?

You must be a confirmed Facebook friend with the person you are setting as your relationship partner. If the person is already in a relationship with someone else, Facebook will not let you make the change.

Why is my Facebook relationship status pending?

If you selected a relationship status that involves another person, you can enter their name in the box below your relationship status. Your partner will be notified that you have added them. Until your partner approves the addition of their name, you will see “Pending” next to your relationship status.

How do I get my relationship status to show on my news feed?


  1. You need to click on your profile to view your timeline.
  2. Click About.
  3. Under the section Basic Info click Edit.
  4. In the section named Relationship Status to the far right of the box is a small drop down that lists who this information is visible to.

What does it mean when a Family member is pending on Facebook?

Select Family and Relationships in the left column. (In the app, scroll down to Family Members.) … You’ve added the family member, but that person’s status will show Pending until they confirm the relationship.

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Does Facebook notify the other person when you change relationship status?

If you change your relationship status to Single, Divorced or remove it entirely, nothing is shown on your timeline or in News Feed.

Can I hide my relationship status from one person on Facebook?

You can prevent relationship changes from being seen by anyone except you. This means the change won’t show up in your friends’ News Feeds. While editing your profile under ‘Family and Relationships’, change the privacy filter to ‘Only Me’.

What happens when you put in a relationship on Facebook?

Each person controls who can see their relationship status on their profile. If you confirm that you’re in a relationship with your partner when they update their relationship status, the relationship may appear on their profile, depending on their audience settings.

Why can’t my boyfriend tag me on Facebook?

While Facebook profiles have tools like tag review and timeline review, they don’t have the option to completely prevent being tagged in the first place. Pages, on the other hand, DO have that option. Nobody can tag your Facebook Page unless you want them to – nor can they tag the media your Page uploads.

Can you change the date of your relationship on Facebook?

(On Facebook. Select Edit in the Details section. Scroll down to Relationship. … This is where you can change your relationship status, enter the name of the person you’re in the relationship with, and select pertinent dates for your relationship (anniversary).