How do you set up a marriage on Facebook?

How do you set married on Facebook?

Facebook Help Team

  1. Go to your profile and click About, then Family and Relationships in the left column.
  2. Click Add your relationship status or hover over your relationship and click Edit.
  3. Choose your relationship status from the dropdown menu. …
  4. Use the audience selector to choose who you want to share this with.

How do I make my relationship status show up on my timeline?

How to Enter Your Relationship and Family Information into Your Facebook Timeline

  1. Click the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the Relationship section. …
  2. Click the Relationship Status menu to reveal the different types of romantic relationships you can add.

How do I put married status on my Facebook photos?

To add or edit your relationship status:

  1. From your News Feed, tap your profile picture in the top left.
  2. Tap About.
  3. Scroll down to the Relationship section.
  4. Tap and add or edit your relationship details.
  5. Tap Save.
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Why won’t FB Let me change my relationship status?

You must be a confirmed Facebook friend with the person you are setting as your relationship partner. If the person is already in a relationship with someone else, Facebook will not let you make the change.

How do I send a relationship request on Facebook?


  1. Step 1: Log into Facebook Log into Facebook. …
  2. Step 2: Edit Click the Info tab of your profile and then click Edit.
  3. Step 3: Find Relationships Find Relationships in the menu and click.
  4. TIP: You can also set an anniversary date for you and your sweetie from this page.

How do you put in a relationship on Facebook without everyone seeing?

You can prevent relationship changes from being seen by anyone except you. This means the change won’t show up in your friends’ News Feeds. While editing your profile under ‘Family and Relationships’, change the privacy filter to ‘Only Me’.

Does relationship status show up on timeline?

If you change your relationship status to Single, Divorced or remove it entirely, nothing is shown on your timeline or in News Feed. If you change your relationship status to In a Relationship, anyone who can see your relationship status will be able to see it on your timeline and in News Feed.

How do I see relationship status on Facebook?

On “About” page, you will see different sections listed on the left side bar. Click on the “Family and Relationships” tab listed on the left side bar. You may see the status “Single”, “In a relationship”, “Engaged”, “Married”, “In an open relationship”, “It’s complicated”, etc.

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Should I put my relationship status on Facebook?

DON’T: Post that you are in a relationship with so-and-so publicly after three weeks. The only people who should be posting a public relationship status are people who are engaged or married. People who post any other relationship status publicly on Facebook look desperate and insecure.

Should I put single or divorced on Facebook?

What went wrong?” You will not be hurting your chances of finding love by listing your relationship status as divorced. And therefore it’s much better to choose the divorce option than to list yourself as single and risk looking deceptive or creating confusion on the first date.

How do I change to my married name on Facebook?

To add another name to your Facebook profile:

Click “details about you.” Click “add a nickname, a birth name…” under “other names.” Choose a label for the name from the “name type” dropdown menu. (Options include “maiden name,” “married name” and “former name” among others.)