How do you thank new followers on twitter?

It’s a pretty simple process — to follow a new Twitter user, just go to their profile page and click “Follow.” Thanking another user is even simpler. Type in “@” and the name of their Twitter handle, write your ‘Thank you,’ and you’re finished!

How do you thank someone for following you on twitter?


  1. “You could have picked millions of people to follow… GREAT choice. Thank you.”
  2. “Hey there, thank you for the follow. Glad to have you here, and hope to make it worth your time. Cheers.”

How do you welcome new followers on twitter?

To automatically send welcome tweets to new followers in Twitter using Unfollowers, follow the below given steps:

  1. Login to your Unfollowers account. …
  2. Click on “Automate” menu at the top.
  3. Check option “Welcome Tweet”.
  4. Create your custom Welcome tweet.

Should you thank new followers on twitter?

If you are building your Twitter following it is a nice touch to thank each new follower. It’s a good way to break the ice and might just lead to a longer conversation. There is one disadvantage to thanking all new followers. Not every follower you get is valuable, in fact some new followers will be spammers or robots.

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How do you say thank you to your followers?

How to write thank you messages to social media followers?

  1. Write sincere and simple words.
  2. Appreciate your supporters for the love and care they have given to you.
  3. Be polite, straight, and direct.
  4. If you truly wish to make your followers feel acknowledged, you need to get them interested.

How do you respond to a compliment on twitter?

A simple thank you goes a long way

Whether it’s a raving review or a friendly shout out. Replying back with a simple thank you is a good way to let your customers know that you’re listening. It’s also a great way to show your appreciation. @simplymeasured gracefully thanks a fellow customer for a shoutout.

How do you say hello to new followers?

Say “Hi” to New Followers

When you get a notification that someone has followed you, click over to their account and comment on a picture or two. You don’t need to be a cheese ball and say, “Thanks for following me!” (that just makes it about YOU and not THEM…

How do you reply to a DM on Twitter?

Replies in conversations

  1. Find the Tweet you want to reply to.
  2. Click or tap the reply icon. Note: A composer screen will pop up, where you will see the name of the person(s) you are directly replying to.
  3. Type in your message and click or tap Reply to post it.

How do you send a welcome message on Twitter?

Use the navigation menu to go to Social Accounts > Edit Welcome DM and select your Twitter account. Here, you will find the form to enter your automated direct message and a checkbox to automatically send a welcome message.

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How do you say thank you on social media?

6 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ to Your Social Media Community

  1. Say Thank You. Let’s start of with a simple one. …
  2. Shower Praise. You community will never know what you think about them unless you tell them. …
  3. Stay Positive. …
  4. Give Selflessly. …
  5. Be Authentic. …
  6. Follow Back.

What can I do to celebrate 10k followers?

How to Celebrate 1000 Instagram Followers?

  1. Prepare a Celebratory Post. One of the most common ways to celebrate the reach of 1000 Instagram followers is to prepare a themed celebratory post for your channel. …
  2. Throw a Giveaway. …
  3. Have a Contest. …
  4. Organize a Loop Giveaway. …
  5. Make a Donation. …
  6. Prepare a Video.

How do you thank someone and appreciate them?

Personal thank you

  1. I appreciate you!
  2. You are the best.
  3. I appreciate your help so much.
  4. I’m grateful to you.
  5. I wanted to thank you for your help.
  6. I value the help you’ve given me.
  7. I am so thankful for you in my life.
  8. Thanks for the support.

How do you say thank you in unique way?

Other Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” and “Thank You Very Much” in Writing

  1. 1 Thank you for all your hard work on this. …
  2. 2 Thanks again, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. …
  3. 3 Thank you, you’re amazing! …
  4. 4 I’m so thankful for everything you bring to the table. …
  5. 5 Thank you kindly.
  6. 6 Thanks a million. …
  7. 7 Many thanks.

How do you say thank you quote?

Appreciation Quotes

  1. “I appreciate you more because of the road I’ve traveled. …
  2. “I appreciate you…especially your heart.” — …
  3. “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. …
  4. “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. …
  5. “Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” —
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Can I say thank you everyone?

“Thanks to all or thanks all” or “thank you everyone?” “Thanks to all” is correct if you add a noun clause after it. For example: Thanks to all who volunteered to man the booth at the convention. Thank you everyone is correct just as it is, but thanks all is too casual for Business English contexts.