Question: How do you send a YouTube video to your gallery?

How do you save a YouTube video to your gallery online?

Open your phone’s YouTube app and look for the video you want to download. When you open the video, you’ll see a download option below it, which you should press.

  1. Go to the website “”
  2. Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to download. …
  3. You’re finished once you’ve pressed the update button.

How do I transfer YouTube videos to my phone?

Simply download an app like YouTube Downloader, search for the video you want to download, select the format you want (mp4 for a video or mp3 for an audio file), and hit download. Depending on the app you use, the video will be available to watch in the app, in your downloads folder, or on your camera roll.

How can I save video from YouTube?

Right-click the video in your browser, then click Save video as in the resulting drop-down menu. The video will begin downloading onto your computer as an MP4 file with the name “videoplayback”. Select a location and click Save. This downloads the video to your computer.

How do I download YouTube videos to my Android phone?

Download YouTube videos on Android using Videoder

  1. Open YouTube on the app.
  2. Search for the video.
  3. Choose the video format.
  4. In the pop-up, edit the file name and download location.
  5. Tap on Start Download.
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Can I transfer my YouTube downloads to another device?

One of the distinguishing features of YouTube Premium was the ability to download content from the video-sharing platform for offline playback. A new update, as reported by Android Police, will enable users to sync downloads across multiple devices, wherein the same account has been logged in.

How do I download a YouTube video to my Iphone?

11 Best Apps to Download Youtube Videos to Android or iOS

  1. VidMate – HD video downloader.
  2. Video Downloader & Private Browser.
  3. Video Tube – Play Tube – HD Video player.
  4. Top video downloader.
  5. Video downloader master.
  6. KeepVid.
  7. All Social Video Downloader.
  8. TubeMote.

How do I save a YouTube video to my Google Drive?

2. Save video to camera roll and move to Google Drive

  1. Open the app and search the video on YouTube.
  2. While playing choose the ‘Download’ option.
  3. Close the screen and find the file on your downloads folder.
  4. Tap on the video and chose the last button on your bottom right.
  5. Select ‘Share’
  6. Click on “Save Video”