What happened to my private videos on YouTube?

Private videos can only be seen by people who have been invited to view the video. … Since private videos don’t appear on a channel homepage, the person will need to use the specific link to the private video. YouTube will send them an email with the link once you’ve invited them, but you can also send it yourself.

Why are my private YouTube videos gone?

If your video is identified as violating our policies, it may be locked as private. When a video is locked as private, it will not be visible to the public. If a viewer has a link to the video, it will appear as unavailable.

How do I get my private videos back on YouTube?

Type https://archive.org/ into your browser. From there you can access a deleted Youtube video in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Did YouTube delete my private videos?

So, the fact that a video is private, does not protect it from being deleted.

Why are my videos gone from YouTube?

YouTube’s system relies on automation and it’s open to abuse. If a favorite video of yours has suddenly disappeared, chances are it could be because of a content claim. Even if it’s a false claim, you may not see that video again if the uploader is unaware of their rights or unwilling to go through the dispute process.

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Are YouTube videos private?

Public is the default setting and that means anybody can see your video. Private means only those you invite to view the video can view it (they must have their own Youtube accounts and the maximum number is 50 usernames). Your video will not come up under any search results or your channel list.

Is there an archive for deleted YouTube videos?

One of the most efficient ways to access a deleted YouTube video is the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. In simple words, it’s the digital archive to the World Wide Web from where you can get all the information of the data uploaded on the Internet.

Where are my unlisted YouTube videos?

You can watch unlisted videos on YouTube app in two ways: First, open the YouTube app, go to “Library > Your videos” and watch an unlisted video from the list. Second, get your unlisted video link in your mobile and tap on it.