You asked: How does someone contact you on Facebook marketplace?

They can also use the Messenger app. Using the “Selling” screen in Marketplace, sellers can access conversations with potential buyers, while buyers can view their conversations with potential sellers using the “Buying” screen. Both of these screens are available under “Your Items.”

Should I give someone on Facebook Marketplace my phone number?

Let’s say you don’t give out the verification code. You still gave the scammer your phone number, and they can use it in other ways, such as finding out more information about you. The bottom line is don’t give out your number to strangers, including your customers.

Does Facebook notify your friends when you post in Marketplace?

Products posted in Marketplace can be viewed by anyone with access to Marketplace. Products are not automatically published in a person’s News Feed, and a person’s friends will not be notified about the product unless the seller chooses to share it with them.

Why would someone ask for a code on Facebook Marketplace?

They ask to send you a “code” to verify your identity.

The scammer asks for your phone number and says they will have a code sent to it to verify you are a real person. But once they have your number, they use it to set up a Google Voice account.

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How do I contact marketplace?

Get help when you need it

Call us right now to get your Marketplace questions answered by a customer service representative, available 24/7: 1-800-318-2596 or (TTY: 1-855-889-4325) Visit our Help Center to get all of our help resources in one place.

How do I show hidden information on Facebook marketplace?

However, to unhide the information on Facebook Marketplace just remove “www.” and add “m”. This will open the mobile version of the site on your PC and you can now see all the information regarding the seller, including their mobile number which you can use to contact them for buying their products.

Who can see comments on marketplace?

Comments are visible to everyone in your marketplace. If your marketplace is private, they are only visible to logged in marketplace users.

Can Facebook Marketplace see my profile?

Your listing will be viewable to anyone within 100 miles of you, and will only show the information that you’ve chosen to make public in your Facebook profile. People will NOT be able to see your address or phone number, unless you’ve chosen to put those things in your profile (don’t do that).

Can you hide a marketplace Post?

go to “General> Privacy”, in the “Private marketplace” section, check the “Make marketplace private (users must log in to browse listings and user profiles)” box, save settings.