Your question: Can you see friend activity on Spotify without Facebook?

How do you see what friends are listening to on Spotify without Facebook?

You firstly need to know the use name of your friends on Spotify. 2. Then, make use of the internal browser on Spotify and then type spotify:user:username in the search box. (Note that the username must be written in lower-case) This will help you target your friends.

Can you see friend activity on mobile Spotify?

The Friend activity feature is not available on Spotify’s mobile applications, despite demand from its users. Below is an idea from Spotify’s Live Ideas forum, where people can suggest improvements to Spotify.

Why can’t I see what my friends are listening to on Spotify?

You might need to “Follow” your friends again from the new “Follow” tab on the left hand side of the desktop client. Anyone you follow’s activity will then be shown in your activity sidebar, including what artists you follow are listening to as well as new releases and playlists!

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Can you see friend activity on Spotify if they don’t follow you?

If someone is not following you on Spotify, they cannot see you in their “Friend’s Activity”.

How do you see someone’s activity on Spotify?

To show or hide Friend Activity:

  1. Click in the top-right and select Settings.
  2. Under Display Options, switch See what your friends are playing on (green), or off (gray).

How do you see someone’s history on Spotify?

Click the username or avatar for one of your friends or followers to view his published playlists and a short list of the artists he has been listening to recently.

Is Spotify friend activity only for premium?

The friend activity is displayed only in the desktop app, but it shows your streams from all kinds of devices, including your mobile. I hope this helps!

How do you see what celebrities are listening to on Spotify?

To find your celebrity music soulmate, head on over to their dedicated Listen Alike website. Tap on the celebrity that you want to check out then tap on the “Make a Connection” button. Spotify will then calculate stuff and then it will give you a percentage on how close your musical preferences are.

Can people see what you listen to on Spotify?

By default, anyone who follows you on Spotify can see what you’re listening to with Friend Activity.

How do you listen to music privately on Spotify?

Open the Spotify up on your Android or iOS device and select the settings icon at the top right-hand side of the screen. Then tap on the Social tab half way down the menu list. Simply turn the toggle on for the option to Start a private session to listen anonymously.

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