How do I post an email attachment to Facebook?

How do I copy and paste an email to Facebook?

Open the email that you want to transfer to Facebook, and click the “Forward” button. Copy any text from the email that you want to convert into a Facebook status message into the email’s subject line.

How do I share an attachment on Facebook?

How to share files on Facebook? Sign in to Facebook and open the Chat of your choice. Next, click on the + button to attach any file. You can select the image icon to directly attach pictures.

Can you forward an email to Facebook?

yes you can forward any mail to facebook using facebook email id ( You get an with your domain name.

How do I send a PDF file on Facebook?

Simple steps for sharing PDFs on Messenger.

Tap More Actions, indicated by the + icon. Click the paper clip icon to add your attachment. Navigate to and select your PDF from your computer. Tap the Send icon or press Enter.

Why can’t I upload files to Facebook?

If you’re having trouble adding or posting photos, try these troubleshooting tips: Make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi or network connection. Try uploading the original photo instead of an edited version. … We recommend uploading photos under 15MB.

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Can I add a word document to Facebook?

To upload a Word document to Facebook, you must use a Facebook application. While Facebook allows users to upload photos and videos to their profiles, users don’t have the option to upload other files, such as Word or PDF documents, without first adding a file-sharing application to their accounts.

How do I send an email from Gmail to Facebook?

How to Send an Email to Facebook From Gmail

  1. Sign into your Gmail account at
  2. Click the “Compose Mail” button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter the vanity username for the Facebook user you’d like to email, followed by For example: …
  4. Click the “Send” button to send your message.

How do I convert a PDF image to Facebook?

Click on “Tools,” then “Export PDF.” Choose “Image,” then your desired file format (a JPEG or PNG format should work just fine). Click the gear icon to configure the conversion settings, such as resolution, for your selected file format. Check the “Export All Images” box.