Why am I not getting notifications from Instagram on my iPhone 12?

The most likely reason why Instagram notifications not working on your iPhone is probably you turned Notifications for Instagram off. Go to Settings > Notification > Instagram. Enable Allow Notifications and Show On Lock Screen. Change the default sound to any other.

How do I get Instagram notifications on my iPhone 12?

How to turn on Instagram notifications on iPhone (from app)

  1. Open Instagram and log in to your account.
  2. From the profile, tap the three-line icon on the top right.
  3. Open the Settings.
  4. Tap “Notifications.”
  5. Switch on any notifications you need.

Why won’t my Instagram notifications pop up on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Notifications to verify that the app supports notifications. If notifications do not appear in the Notification Center, make sure that the Notification Center setting for the app is enabled. Make sure you’re signed in to your Apple ID.

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Why are my notifications not showing up iPhone 12?

If your iPhone 12 Pro doesn’t display notifications for a particular app, check that the app’s notification settings and preferences are correctly configured. Launch the Settings app and select Notifications. Next, choose the affected app and make sure Allow Notifications is toggled on.

Why don’t I receive Instagram notifications I checked and everything is on?

There could be several reasons why your Instagram notifications aren’t working. For example, you may have accidentally turned on “Do Not Disturb” mode for your iPhone or Android device. Most likely, however, you may need to check your notification settings on both your phone and in the Instagram app.

How do I turn on Instagram notifications on my iPhone?

Enable Notification

Step 1: Open the Settings app on the iPhone. Step 2: Scroll down to the Instagram app. Step 3: Tap on Notifications and enable Allow Notifications from the following menu.

How do you fix Instagram notifications on iOS 14?

Open the Settings app and tap Notifications. Scroll down and tap Instagram. Make sure the switch for Allow Notifications is green. Next, ensure that all three options under ALERTS are ticked.

How do you fix Instagram notifications on iOS 13?

Solution One: Check for Enable Instagram Notifications in iOS Settings App

  1. Step #1: Open the “Settings” app on iPhone and tap “Notifications.”
  2. Step #2: Select “Instagram.” [ …
  3. Step #3: Turn on “Allow Notifications” and also “Show on LockScreen.”
  4. Step #4: Lastly change the Notification Tone.

How do I turn on push notifications for Instagram?

How to manage push notifications on the Instagram app for Android and iPhone:

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  3. Then tap on more which appears as a three-line in the top right, then tap on Settings.
  4. Tap Notifications and adjust your settings.
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How do I fix notifications on iOS 12?

6 Solutions to Fix: iOS 12/12.1 Notifications Not Working on iPhone/iPad

  1. Method 1. Restart Your iPhone/iPad. …
  2. Method 2. Check If Your Device is in Silent Mode. …
  3. Method 3. Check Network Connection. …
  4. Method 4. Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode. …
  5. Method 5. Turn on Allow Notifications. …
  6. Method 6. Reset Network Settings.

How do I get push notifications on my iPhone 12?

Use push notifications

  1. Find “Notifications” Press Notifications.
  2. Select setting for notification preview. Press Show Previews. …
  3. Turn push notifications on or off. Press the required application. …
  4. Turn grouping of notifications on or off. …
  5. Return to the home screen. …
  6. Use push notifications. …
  7. Return to the home screen.

How do I get notifications on my iPhone 12?

Find your notifications in Notification Center

On the Lock Screen: Swipe up from the middle of the screen. On other screens: Swipe down from the top center. Then you can scroll up to see older notifications, if there are any.

Why am I not getting notifications even though they are turned on?

Cause of Notifications Not Showing up on Android

Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode is turned on. Either system or app notifications are disabled. Power or data settings are preventing apps from retrieving notification alerts. Outdated apps or OS software can cause apps to freeze or crash and not deliver notifications.

How do you get notifications on Instagram 2021?

Tap on your profile page, then choose the three horizontal lines on the top right of your screen. Tap on Notifications and you’ll be able to choose your notification settings for various Instagram options.

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How do I turn on post notifications on Instagram for 2020?

How do I turn notifications on or off for someone I follow on…

  1. Go to their profile.
  2. Tap in the top right.
  3. Tap next to Posts, Stories, Reels or Videos to turn notifications on or off.
  4. Or tap next to Live Videos and select any notification option.